Foreign voice-over languages

Foreign language voice recordings in over 80 languages

Whatever language you require, Matinée Multilingual can assist with recording the language versions you require. Not only can we help with finding the best voice talent to suit your budget, but we can also organise transcription and translations and produce subtitles and captions as well.

And you can choose which parts of the service you need.  We have many translation company customers who will take care of the transcription and translations, but need us to handle the voice selection, recordings and video rendering.  Equally, we have many production company clients, who need us to help with translation and voice recordings, but they will then deal with all the video elements themselves.

Please use the language selection tool below to choose the language you require:

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If your required language is not in this list, please call +44 (0)118 958 4934, email: or use the Live Chat feature on the website for an immediate response!