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Audio Translation Services

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Audio translation agency for voice-over and subtitles

Audio translationConverting content from one language to another used to be enough for overseas markets, but the world has become a much smaller place and localisation is now key to global success. Today, it’s about understanding exactly who you are talking to, using dialect, accent and cultural awareness, to talk to your international audiences in a way they’re familiar with.

At Matinée, we’re specialists in audio translation. Our services are tailored to your needs and include voice-over and subtitling services, as well as re-versioning of video and audio content for global markets.

With over 35 years in the industry, we understand the importance of making sure our clients get exactly what they ask for. We only work with experienced translation specialists and in-country native professionals to deliver the highest quality audio translation services.

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World-class audiovisual translations at affordable prices

Not all translations are equal. We work with translation specialists to perfectly capture the tone and nuances of your messaging, which is something that machine translations just aren’t capable of. At Matinée, our talented linguists ensure that our work does exactly what you need it to in over 80 languages. This includes:

  • Expert translators ensure your brand messaging remains consistent across the globe. Our translation services protect the integrity of your core message, whilst respecting local culture and values.
  • Mother tongue translation – we translate into more than 80 languages, undertaken by native linguists for total accuracy.
  • Dedicated project management – the team are directly available throughout your project lifecycle to ensure a positive experience for you.
  • Affordable pricing – flexible options enable you to choose the audiovisual translation that works for you and your budget.
  • On-time delivery – we work to your timeline and we can turn around your work quickly without compromising on production quality.
  • Expertise in the most up-to-date technology – our in-house engineers use specialist, industry-leading software and record in our sound studios that produce flawless acoustics.

Let’s get to work on your audio translation project

Every step of the process is critical to the end result. At Matinée, we start by transcribing your content and use this transcription as the blueprint for translation, voice-over or subtitling.

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Translations by in-country linguistic professionals

Audio translatorAt Matinée, our UK-based team works with international professionals who are all expert translators in their native language. These talented translators meet our stringent quality standards and you can rely on their knowledge and capability. Our professional linguists and translators get it right first time which avoids costly delays and corrections later in the production cycle.

Audiovisual translations to re-voice video content

Is your translation for voice-over or subtitles, or both? With voice-over, some languages are longer than others when read. For example German is a long language, and English is relatively short. When matching a voice-over to an existing video, our translators will take this into account and shorten the target text where necessary, without losing any of the meaning. This means the new voice-over will fit perfectly to the original video, if required.

Audio translation for subtitles and captions

Translating for subtitles is a specialised skill as there is limited space available on the screen for text. A subtitle translator will create a translation of the script that retains the same meaning as the original, but using fewer characters so that it fits the available space in the subtitle bar – which allows viewers to read the subtitles at a comfortable pace.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription is the process of creating a written document of the spoken audio. This acts as the script for audiovisual translation, subtitling and voice-over. Matinée Multilingual provide a comprehensive audio and video transcription service in over 80 languages.

Do you have a question about our transcription and translation services? Check out our frequently asked questions: Translation and Transcription FAQs

Case studies:

Audio Translation and Subtitles for Historic Scotland multi-language DVD

Historic Scotland, now Historic Environment Scotland, is an executive agency of the Scottish Government with responsibility for curating Scotland’s landmarks and environments of historical significance.

Historic Scotland required a DVD for Urquhart Castle’s cinema room. The challenge arose as the DVD needed to provide up to 3 subtitle and audio streams to run simultaneously in different languages, so that large groups of tourists of different nationalities could enjoy the full Urquhart Castle experience.

Producing the audio translations and subtitles in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, we also developed a DVD which would allow multiple language combinations. The finished DVD had English, French and German audio streams, with German, Italian and Japanese subtitles all at the same time.

Windows Live Messenger video translation in 37 languages

Working in partnership with Microsoft’s translation agency, Lionbridge, Matinée were commissioned to localise a set of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2011 product demonstration videos, originally created in Adobe After Effects.

Following our transcription of the existing UK version of the video, Lionbridge used these as a basis for their translations and screenshots. We then cast and recorded a native female voice artist to deliver audio translations in 37 languages. We edited and re-timed the content to ensure the After Effects animations matched the length of the foreign voice tracks. These videos are now viewed worldwide in over 55 international markets.