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English regional accent voice-over production

Voice over work in regional English accentsMatinée Multilingual is a leading voice-over agency based in Reading, near London. We have been supplying voice recordings for over 30 years, and we have many repeat clients who appreciate our quality of service and attention to detail.

As well as English and foreign language recordings, we are often asked to supply English voice-over recordings in regional accent.  We can offer a great selection of regional voice talent such as Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Geordie, West Country etc,  In fact, we’ve probably sourced the talent and recorded almost any accent you care to mention.  And we’ll always endeavour to match the voice talent you require to the budget you can afford.  We find a flexible approach to pricing means that we win projects at prices that London studios just can’t compete with.

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If you require a voice-over in a neutral English accent , rather than a specific English regional accent, visit English voice-over page.

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Featured English Regional Voice Talent

English Regional artist Adam

Adam is a VO artist based in Manchester. He has a warm, deep, soothing, relaxing British reading voice for scripts, narration and e-learning projects. Read more...
English Regional artist Andrew

Andrew is a professional English voice artist with regional accent (Liverpool).  He was born and raised in London, England and has provided the voice for many blue-chip companies. Read more...
English Regional voice artist Cromerty

Cromerty is a trained, professional English voice artist with regional accent (Northern) with an appealing, smooth, fun & convincing voice.  She has lots of experience which makes her the “go-to” voice. Read more...
English Regional voice artist Emmy

Emmy is a trained, professional English female voice artist and actor with a regional accent (North-West), graduating with BA (Hons) Acting in 2006. Read more...

Selecting the ideal regional accent in three easy steps

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Case Study: English read in Irish Accent for 5th & Main Films

5th & Main Films is an independent, boutique production company that specializes in Lifestyle Cinematography (Life in Cinema) and Cinematic Wedding Films. The goal of the company is to capture raw, beautiful emotion and use it to create a memorable, timeless film.

Nicola-R  is one of our Northern Irish voice talents and was chosen for her smooth, warm, calm and nurturing tones to help capture the client’s vision. 

The UK is blessed with a huge number of different accents. Some come from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but in England alone there are hundreds. Here are just some of England’s best loved regional accents.

BBC English

Before the advent of Coronation Street on Granada TV, the only accents that were heard on TV and radio were BBC English. It is actually called Received Pronunciation and is a very clearly spoken, easy to understand accent. You can still hear it on the TV and radio. Listen to actresses Joanna Lumley and Judy Dench for an idea of how it sounds.


Scouse is another name for the Liverpool accent, but it actually refers to a meat dish that poor Liverpool people used to eat called scouse and that the people who ate it were called ‘scousers’. You can hear the Liverpool accent spoken by famous comedian John Bishop and actor, Ricky Tomlinson.


Cockney comes from the East End of London and shouldn’t be confused with cockney rhyming slang, which is entirely different. True cockneys are said to have been born within hearing distance of the bells at the church of St Mary-le-Bow, but it really applies to all Londoners who speak with this accent. It was traditionally seen as a working class accent, but those of you who enjoy the apprentice know that this isn’t always the case. Just listen to Lord Sugar. A good way to hear cockney accents is to watch the BBC series, EastEnders.

South Eastern English

This is the English spoken by the people in the South East, which includes places such as Sussex, Essex, Kent and Hampshire. It isn’t an accent with a strong tone, but you can hear regional differences. For example, the Essex accent is very like Cockney and the Hampshire accent is very clearly spoken like BBC English.


The Midlands can be divided up between East and West. East Midlands covers places like Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The accent isn’t as pronounced as West Midland accents, which include ‘Brummie’ – If you listen to comedian Jasper Carrot talking you can hear a soft Brummie accent, or listen to Singer Noddy Holder’s Wolverhampton accent, which is stronger. Birmingham and Wolverhampton are only 8 miles apart.

West Country

People from the South West of England speak with a West Country accent, although some regions have stronger accents than others. The Wiltshire accent doesn’t sound as broad as the Devon accent, which sounds different from the Cornish accent. Those of you who like watching the series Doc Martin can hear the actors speaking with Cornish accents and the BBC series, The Coroner, has actors speaking with a Devon accent.


Geordie is spoken by people living in and around the area of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Durham. It is a distinctive accent, which is sometimes hard for people to understand. The TV series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet featured Geordie actors, Jimmy Nail, Kevin Whatley and Tim Healy. You can see some episodes on You Tube.

Northern English

As the name suggests, Northern English is spoken by people who live in the North and this includes Scouse and Geordie. It also includes however, the Lancashire accent, the Yorkshire accent and the Northumberland accent. Some accents are more pronounced than others; for example, the Bury and the Manchester accent (Mancunian) sound different from Yorkshire or Northumberland voices. The ITV series, Coronation Street is the perfect example of people speaking in a Northern accent, especially as a lot of the actors come from Manchester or Bury.