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Subtitle service and closed captions in over 80 languages

Subtitling servicesAt Matinée, we have over 30 years’ experience providing flawless subtitles and closed captions with a team passionate about delivering a flexible and cost-effective video subtitle service.

Our subtitlers use the latest subtitling software to produce a perfectly-synchronised delivery file, that will enable your audience to connect with your message. We provide our clients with a top-quality subtitle service at affordable prices, delivered to strict deadlines and often in large volumes.

Whether it be for your next B2B marketing campaign, product launch or e-learning project, Matinée’s project management team will work with you to ensure the best results. Enhancing your video through the addition of subtitles brings you greater engagement across a wider audience – whether that be to reach global markets, communication with the deaf or hard or hearing, or simply making your video understood when sound is muted.

First-class subtitling company with affordable prices

We offer a complete package of subtitling services, tailored to help you achieve your business goals. This includes:

  • Expertise in the most up-to-date subtitling software – our team have the tools at their disposal to ensure a high quality end result without compromise. We can deliver in over 30 file formats to meet your exact requirements.

  • Dedicated project management – the team are directly available throughout your project lifecycle to ensure a positive and effortless experience for you.

  • Affordable pricing – flexible options enable you to choose the level of video subtitling that works for you and your budget.

  • On-time delivery – we understand the need for deadlines to be met and manage our workload efficiently to ensure timescales are realistic and adhered to.

  • A fully time-coded transcript – your video’s audio is transcribed to create a frame-accurate file that perfectly matches on-screen text to the visual cues.

  • Mother tongue translation – we can translate into more than 80 languages, undertaken by native translators for total accuracy.

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How to get started on your subtitling project

We work with a wide range of clients across multiple industries, delivering high-quality subtitling projects daily. If you have a video that needs subtitles, fill in our quote request form today – the more detail the better. With a good overview of your project, our subtitling team will be able to get back to you with a proposal and costs as soon as possible.

Our experience and dedication stand us out as one of the best subtitling services in the UK and Worldwide. If you have any questions, just give us a call and we’ll happily discuss your requirements over the phone.

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Delivering a complete end-to-end subtitle service

At Matinée, we understand that your requirements could extend beyond the boundaries of subtitling and so we offer a full end-to-end subtitle service for your video projects – including transcription, translation, voice-over and signing work in over 80 different languages.

Whatever you need to bring your video to a larger, inclusive audience, we have the skills to make it happen.

In-vision and signing services

British Sign Language (BSL) users represent the largest audience in the disability spectrum and are often under-represented in business videos. At Matinée, we can offer the inclusion of in-vision (or signing) services – a qualified BSL signer added to your video presentation to expand your market even further.

With a roster of different signers available, we can even help you choose one whom you feel best represents your company.

Working in partnership with translation agencies

subtitle service in partnership with translation agencies

If you are a translation agency, then working with a subtitling company gives you the opportunity to add video translation services to your already extensive repertoire and meet the ever-expanding needs of your clients.

Our in-house team of audio engineers and video editors can take care of the technical work involved in your client’s project. You provide the translation and we’ll look after the rest ensuring that together, we’ll deliver a package that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Case study: Malaysian subtiltling for Cape plc

As one of the UK’s premier subtitling companies, Matinée Multilingual were selected by Cape Plc to provide Bahasa Malaysia subtitling services for a series of 5 promo videos talking about the ‘integrity and values’ which are very important to Cape Plc’s business.

The videos totalled just under 8 minutes, and the client selected style option 2 for the Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.  We were also asked to move the subtitle layer when title & name captions appeared on-screen so the subtitles obscure them (as you can see in this example).

Our process was as follows.  First we transcribed the English audio and on-screen text.  After approval, we produced the subtitling translations in Bahasa Malaysia, condensing the Bahasa Malaysia translation where necessary to fit in the screen safe area.  Finally we synced and burnt-in the Bahasa Malaysia subtitles to MP4.