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Voice-over agency and recording services in over 80 Languages

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Finding the perfect voice-over artist for your project makes a huge difference to the final presentation. As an established UK voice-over agency, with over 30 years experience, we’ll help you choose from our huge database of voice artists covering over 80 languages, to ensure you find the perfect match for your project brief.

We have two specially designed voice recording studios with acoustics that ensure sonic perfection every time. As well as two video edit suites to enable us to provide a full voice and localisation service. Our experience and expertise in voice-over recording, means that we’ll find all the solutions required to deliver a project to your exacting standards, and at a price you can afford.

Voice-over Agent Fees that Won't Smash Your Budget

We keep our fees to a minimum. You will definitely find our costs lower compared to most other voice-over agents. Put simply, we have positioned our voice-over rate card at the competitive end of the market, but without any compromise on quality.  We also offer a simple, quick-quote service to give you a costing for your project within just one hour.

We're the voiceover agency that will always try to help out and solve the challenges you encounter. So if your budget doesn't stretch to the voice artist you've chosen, we'll make a recommendation for an alternative talent, prepared to work at the rate you can afford.

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Voice Artists Selection Service

Please click this link for our English speaking voice artists.  We have many more to choose from if none of these fit the bill. One of our helpful project management team will be delighted to help you find exactly the voice you are looking for.  That's all part of the Matinée Multilingual service, helping you find the right voice artist at the right price.

Please click this link for our Foreign voice-over artists.  They are all native speakers, with experience in performing across all media types. You can also select the language required using the drop-down box below, and you'll find a page dedicated to that language with voiceover demos to match.

Select a voice-over language

Different Types of Voiceover Agents and Where We Fit in

You will find three types of voice-over agency on the web:

  1. There are those that charge you direct, so that you choose your voice artist, you make a payment to the agent, and submit your script.  The files are then recorded and sent to you.  Very little help and advice is given, you basically pay up and hope you get what you need.
  2. Then there are the agents who have an 'exclusive contract' with the voice talent (well that's what they tell you...).  They will want to know all about usage, and will generally make you feel they are doing you a huge favour by allowing you to hire their voice talent, and usually at a hugely inflated fee.  Only use these people if you require exclusive voice talent.
  3. And then there are agencies such as Matinée Multilingual.  We exist in the space in between the two above, where we offer so much more than the first, and are much more flexible than the second.  Our project management team will help you secure the best voice artists or voice actor for your project, and then negotiate fees that you can afford.

Voice-over Recording Dubbing and Narration

Adult training & e-Learning voice over

An excellent narrative will exude compassion, wisdom, authority and charm. And Matinée Multilingual voice agency has a wealth of professionals to choose from in over 80 languages. We can dub interviews for documentaries, record voices in lip-sync when required, and deliver the audio as time-synced wav or mp3 files, or layback the audio into your video project, mixing the voices with the original music and FX.

Corporate and Promotional Voiceover Recording Agency

Corporate & promotional voice over

Communication is the key to business success, and a dynamic promotional voiceover will give your business a LOUDER voice. And you can deliver your message in any language, to a global audience on any device, via the web or during a face to face presentation.

E-Learning and Educational Voice-overs

E-Learning & educational voice-over

Matinée Multilingual offers affordable e-Learning voice-overs. Maybe you need a professional voice-over with the experience and stamina to record hundreds of thousands of words over many weeks. Or perhaps a group of skilled actors to create a realistic dramatization. Or warm, child friendly voices to record phonics for an educational project. Matinée have been producing clear, warm and authoritative voice recordings for education for over 25 years.

IVR and On-hold Messaging Voice-over recordings

IVR & on-hold messaging

Improve your customer experience, by selecting a voice with warmth and personality to represent your company on-hold. Matinée Multilingual has produced on-hold and telephone marketing messages for thousands of satisfied customers using all types IVR, and speech recognition platforms. Telephone prompts will be recorded, cleaned, edited and delivered in any format required. And your marketing messages can be mixed with royalty free music for added impact.

Character Voiceover Selection and Recording Agency

Computer Games Foreign Voice Montage

Don’t pay over the odds for character voice production for computer games, cartoons, and animations. Matinée Multilingual has a database of hundreds of experienced US English and UK English character voices, and has recorded the voices for countless video games over years, such as Worms 3D, Rocky, Dropship and Dawn of Magic. Matinée Multilingual can supply all the services you need including script translation and adaption, voice casting service, directors, recording, file editing, and SFX production, and all at surprisingly competitive rates.

Voiceover Recordings for Computer Games

Computer Games Foreign Voice Montage

Matinée Multilingual provides translation, QA testing and localisation services for games. Our service includes the adaption of voice over scripts for local audiences, and casting and recording foreign voice actors in over 80 languages. Our London based directors are highly experienced, and have produced the voiceovers for hundreds of games over the last decade. We’ve been trusted to supply character voices for some of the world’s biggest game franchises, including Total War: Rome 2.