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Finding the perfect voice-over artist for your project makes a huge difference to the final presentation. As an established UK voiceover agency, with more than 30 years experience, we’ll help you choose from our huge database of voice artists covering more than 80 languages, to ensure you find the perfect match for your project brief.

We have two specially designed voice recording studios with acoustics that ensure sonic perfection every time. As well as two video edit suites to enable us to provide a full voice-over and localisation service. Our experience and expertise in voice-over recording, means that we’ll find all the solutions required to deliver a project to your exacting standards, and at a price you can afford.

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State of the art recording studios with BBC quality acoustics

You will find our voice recordings sound clearer and crisper than from other studios. This is because both our studios have been acoustically designed to a very high specification.

Our engineers work with the latest Pro-Tools technology to speed up the recording process and minimising the need for re-takes. This saves valuable time during the recording process and reduces the overall costs of the session. We can record your session either ‘wild’ or lip-sync or phrase-sync to picture.

When you need to find just the right voice for your script, Matinée will have one to fit the bill. We can tap into a network of professional voice artists, with a range of fees to suit your budget. Whether your programme requires a documentary-style read, character voicing, an impressionist or a celebrity, Matinée will help you find the voice you need.

No matter, please make contact to discuss your specific requirement, and we’ll give you a quote for the job straight away. Tel: +44 (0)1189584934, email: or use the Quick Quote form opposite.

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    Translation companies and production agencies

    Working with translation and production companies

    Adding audio visual services to your mix will create many new sales opportunities for your team

    Matinée has over thirty years of experience working alongside translation and production companies. So you can be sure our project managers are fully at home with the technical process of supervising and delivering localised material, in a professional manner. We can add translation, voiceover and subtitling to your company’s offering, which will appear seamless to your clients and yet mesh easily with the processes in your own departments.

    If you are a translation company, we will send you some helpful guidelines when providing us with copy or scripts, and we can either work from your translations or handle the whole project for you, including translation. If you are a production company, we will provide translations or subtitles in your preferred format; whether that’s subtitle-ready files (XML or PNG), or burnt in as fully-subtitled videos. Voiceover recordings can be supplied as edited files, or we can remix with the original music and effects and provide a finished video, ready to go.

    Working seamlessly with your team, we can take on all or part of the process, according to your needs, and help widen your service offering.

    An overview of our voiceover services

    Throughout our 30 years in the industry, we have worked on a wide variety of projects, assisting clients by providing high-quality voiceovers. Read more below about the different types of content we specialise in

    Explainer videos have recently become more and more popular, with many companies creating explainers to introduce a product or service to the public in a clear and engaging way.

    Explainers tend to be short, encouraging companies to say more but with fewer words. This results in shorter scripts, meaning that the narrations for explainers can often be completed within our minimum studio time of one hour. Because explainer videos are informative, and not for commercial benefit, there are no usage fees attached to the voice recording.

    One of the most important factors to consider for your explainer video is your choice of narrator. Explainers are designed to be engaging and compelling, and choosing the correct voice artist for your video is key in getting this right. The voice artist you choose should be able to clearly and confidently articulate and communicate what your new product or service is. Their narration should also reflect the ethos of your business and provide a distinctive, memorable voice associated with your company and product.

    We are confident that we can find the perfect voice for your explainer video. We work with a wide range of different voice artists with a variety of specialisations, and we can provide narration in more than 80 languages, making us the ideal choice for your next explainer video.

    We offer dubbing and time sync services for when you need to localise your video content. With more than 30 years of experience in localisation, you can be sure that we’ll provide the right voice for your project. Our execution of voice dubbing and time sync-to-picture is always to a high standard, which helps the video to continue to make sense to the viewer albeit in a different language.

    Matinée can provide UN-style time sync, where the original audio is still audible but at a quieter level, with the translated, new voiceover played alongside it at normal volume. This style of time sync is often utilised in news features where the interviewee, speaking in a foreign language, has a translated version played over the top. It is key that the original audio is preserved, so the authenticity and tone of the speaker is still evident.

    Dubbing differs from time-sync in that the original audio is removed completely and replaced with a new voice speaking in a different language. To achieve successful foreign language dubbing, we must first timecode the source video and then ‘adapt’ the translation of the original audio. English is typically shorter than most foreign languages, meaning it takes more time to say the same thing in a foreign language. This can cause issues in dubbing if it’s not considered when recording the new translated voice track, as it can become impossible for the mouth movements on screen to match the amount of words being spoken. Therefore, we usually expect to allow a little more time for the translator to complete their work, to make sure the scripts are adapted successfully.

    Whatever you are creating an animation for, whether it be for entertainment or education purposes, Matinée will help you find exactly the right voice to fit the character on screen and provide a high quality recording for you to work with.

    It’s typical in the industry for the voiceover to be recorded before the animation is created. At Matinée, our voice artists will read your script at a natural reading pace, and we will send the files back so you can adapt your animation around the audio. This process allows for the animation to be influenced by the narration and the way in which it is performed. By doing this, it allows enough time for specific actions or objects to be shown at the exact time the voice describes them. Without this, the sound and visuals could become out of sync and cause the viewer to become disinterested in your content.

    Our team of experts understand how important it is to create meaningful video content for animation. So, you can rely on us to provide high quality voiceovers that will compliment your next animation project, and wow your audience.

    With their rapidly growing popularity, now is definitely the time to get on board with podcasts and use them to your advantage. Whatever your subject matter or purpose, podcasts are a great way of connecting with your audience without them having to look at a screen. Choosing the right voice is key in making sure this connection is achieved successfully.

    Our recording studios create clean audio quality, which is vital for podcasts. With video, the viewer’s attention is divided between watching and listening, but with podcasts, the entire focus is on the audio, so it’s important that this is of a really high quality.

    We have hosted a wide variety of podcast recordings in our studios, including shows in multiple foreign languages. We record these at the pace you have requested, and usually untimed to allow for free and relaxed speech. We can then either send you the raw audio files or carry out post-production when required. This involves removing all the unwanted audio and then splitting the recordings into discreet files, and naming them in the format you have indicated.

    If you need to record your podcast in a foreign language, we’ll help you find the right speaker to communicate your message. As with many podcasts, if you are the star of the show, and you simply need the services of a good quality recording studio, we will be delighted to assist from our studios here in Reading. Our studio fees include one of our expert audio engineers who will carry out all recordings professionally and to a high quality standard, to help ensure that you connect directly with your audience through your podcast.

    An impactful voiceover is paramount for an effective advert, whether you’re targeting customers online, through the TV, or on the radio. It is vital to choose a voice artist who can clearly convey your brand’s message, whilst also evoking any necessary emotions and creating distinct, memorable vocals for your company and product or service.

    An important factor to remember when considering a voiceover for your advert is the usage fees. This is where adverts differ from other projects, like explainer videos and animations, as you will need to pay an extra fee for using the artist’s voice for commercial benefit. Across the industry, we charge a standard percentage based on how, when and where your advert will be used, which will affect how much it will cost to use the recording.

    We can record for all different kinds of adverts, and will send you a selection of voice artist demos to choose from to ensure you have the perfect vocals for your brand. For the best quote, please include details of how, where and when your ad content will be used, as these factors will all determine the usage fees.

    E-Learning content can be a really useful resource to teach, train and engage. To achieve this, your choice of voice actor is crucial. This will help to ensure that your information is delivered in a clear, professional and engaging way. With engagement being such an important factor to consider when creating eLearning resources, it’s key to remember that voicing for this kind of content requires specific skills that differ from that of other content, like ads and audiobooks.

    Here at Matinée Multilingual, we have many years of experience with recording voiceovers for eLearning. As well as having a wide range of voice artists for you to choose from, we also adapt the final file requirements based on your needs. We can accommodate for the most popular eLearning platforms to ensure that the recording is ready to use on the platform of your choice.

    With our experienced selection of voice artists and expert sound engineers, you can be sure that Matinée can provide a professional, high quality audio recording for your eLearning content.

    With online webinars becoming more and more popular, one of the best ways you can utilise this kind of content is by translating it into foreign languages to expand your audience reach. We can help you choose the most appropriate voice for your webinar and professionally time sync the translation over your original audio.   

    Voiceovers for Training and Narration

    You’ll want the voice on your training programme to sound authoritative and friendly. No problem, we have just the voice you need in our extensive talent roster. Here we feature a selection of voices we have recorded over the years for training programmes.

    Corporate and Promotional Voiceover Recordings

    Communication is the key to business success, and a dynamic promotional voiceover will give your business a voice that stands out from the crowd. And you can deliver your message in any language, to a global audience on any device, via the web or during a face to face presentation.    

    E-Learning and Educational Voiceovers

    Perhaps you need a voice artist with the stamina to record hundreds of thousands of words over many weeks, or a group of skilled actors to create a realistic dramatization. We’ve been producing warm and authoritative educational voice recordings for more than 30 years, covering every scenario.

    IVR and On-hold Messaging

    Improve your customer experience by selecting a voice with warmth and personality to represent your company. We’ve produced on-hold messages for thousands of customers using all types IVR, and speech recognition platforms. Prompts will be recorded, cleaned, edited and delivered in any format required.

    Character Voiceover Selection and Recordings

    If you’re looking for  a character voice to deliver a really convincing performance, then look no further. Our talent managers have hundreds of professional actors and impressionists at their disposal, and will help find just the vocals you require to make your programme utterly convincing.

    Voiceover Recordings for Computer Games

    We provide translation, QA testing and localisation services for games. Our service includes the adaption of scripts for local audiences, and casting and recording foreign voice actors in more than 80 languages. We’ve supplied character voices for some of the world’s biggest game franchises.

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    They were so professional

    Brian and Philippe…love them!! What a great call to brighten up my day! They were so professional and so funny and I could tell the client was really happy 😊

    Philippe is definitely the best VO artist I’ve heard since being at Sponge! Just wow!

    Maria Trathen


    Pleasure to work with

    Pleasure to work with these guys. Hugh and the team couldn’t do enough to help and keep us informed throughout our customer journey. Highly recommended!

    Alex Carr

    BBGR Optical

    Delivers great work, right on time

    We’ve used Matinée for several projects, from video editing to translations of marketing materials, and they’re always a great pleasure to work with. Any requests are answered right away. We’ve had tight deadlines, but we’ve never worried as the team at Matinée delivers great work, right on time.

    Lisa Potrawiak

    Sinclair Pharma

    Fantastic to work with

    The team at Matinée are fantastic to work with. They are really communicative, helpful and turned around the work as quickly as possible. I have no complaints at all and we will definitely be getting back in contact when we next need subtitles.

    Jon Mirley

    Three Motion Media

    Matinée is a company I can trust

    I’ve worked with Matinee for well over 20 years, and continue to go back to them because of trust; a trust in their commitment to fulfilling the needs of my project, and a trust in the quality of their work.

    Bruce Corby

    Muddy Boot Productions

    I use Matinee a lot for subtitling projects

    I use Matinee for a lot of subtitling projects and they never fail to meet the deadlines. Great customer service and fast responses. Well done to the entire team.

    Jade Burnell

    The Big Word

    Friendly and efficient service

    The speed of response, and friendly, efficient service from all staff was quite exceptional. Matinee particularly stands out by putting the customer’s needs first, even when the job is relatively small and a bit of a technical challenge. I would strongly recommend Matinee for any subtitling work.

    Richard Taylor

    Freelancer producer and film maker

    A fantastic company to work with

    A fantastic company to work with. Fast email responses, rapid delivery of audio files, and all with positive and warm personalities shining through!  Thank you Matinée for a wonderful customer experience.

    Anne Crawford


    They are always well organised

    Very pleased with a number of projects completed by Matinée. They are always well organised, providing clear expectations, organisation, efficiency and always deliver a quality product on time. Recommended.

    Jon Watkins

    Jon Watkins TV

    Quick response to meet my deadline

    I have to mention the quick response of Sally and Nicole to my last minute request. They both understood the urgency of my need, and helped me complete the recording to hit my deadline.

    Joville Villanueva

    Shell UK Ltd