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Dutch voice-over and subtitling agency
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Dutch voice-over production made simple

Matinée Multilingual is a Dutch voice over agency and recording studio based in Reading, just 35 miles from London.  We offer a comprehensive Dutch  Voiceover Recording Service and Subtitling Service in over 80 languages. And with over 25 years experience in the industry, you can trust us to deliver exactly what you need and at a price you can afford.

We offer a selection of the very best Dutch voice-over talent available, and you’ll find our voice costs, repeat fees, recording rates and subtitling costs to be much less than you will be charged by London agencies offering exactly the same service.

Whatever you need a Dutch voice-over recording for, we’ll supply exactly what you need.  If you want help choosing just the right voice, then we’ll be delighted to assist.  And we’ll make sure the chosen voice artist gives you the very best rate for the job, including negotiating down on repeat fees and broadcast rates.

We can record wild or sync to picture, and deliver the audio back in the file format of your choice, same day, via FTP. When required, we can also mix the new Dutch voice-over with the existing music and effects track, and deliver back as a mixed track video file.

To calculate voice-over fees and recording costs click here.  You will also find a lot of technical information here on our FAQs page.

To check the availability of our voice-artists and to confirm costs, please contact us using the Quick Quote form opposite, and we’ll respond within one hour. Or you can email or call on+44(0)118 958 4934.

Featured Dutch Voice Talent

Dutch voice artist Daniel

Daniel is a native Dutch-Hungarian actor and voice-over artist. Daniel's voice is deep, warm and soothing and offers great versatility for a wide range of projects. Read more...
Dutch voice artist Pamela

Pamela is a professional native Dutch voice artist who has been working in the voice industry since 2009.  She has lived in Canada, London and resides currently in the Netherlands. Read more...
Dutch voice artist Remy

Remy is a qualified, trained and experienced voice actor/voice-over in native Dutch. His voice can be: sober and serious for medical and scientific presentations or e-learning. Bright, helpful and clear for IVR.Read more...
Dutch voice artist Christa

Christa is a professional native Dutch voice artist.  She has been doing voice-over work since 2003.  Her voice is warm, friendly, smooth and engaging. Read more...

Dutch voice-over selection and quick quote in just 1 hour

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Dutch voice-over Vooruit in de spits – Willem

Willem is a native male Dutch voice over artist who has been doing full-time voice-over work since 2005.  He has a broad range of experience in e-learning, corporate videos and commercials.

Willem has a bright, clear voice with a natural authority and persuasion.  He is often described to have an ‘ageless’ voice and has been chosen for voices between 25 and 60 years old!  He speaks ‘Standard Dutch’ (as spoken in the Netherlands) without any accent or dialect and can also do ‘European English’ (Continental English) as well. 

A short history of the Dutch language

Dutch voiceover talent agencyDutch belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It is closely related to English and German, and shares a common ancestor with them – Proto-Germanic. The modern Germanic languages began to move away from Proto-Germanic from the Early Middle Ages onwards.

Modern Dutch is derived from Old Dutch, which was spoken (in various closely related dialects) from around the 6th to the 12th centuries throughout the present-day Dutch-speaking region (chiefly the Netherlands and Belgium). The language evolved, and by the 16th century there was a standard written version.

The establishment of the Dutch Empire, from the 17th century onwards, took the Dutch language global – from the East Indies to the West Indies. Most notably, following colonisation in South Africa, this resulted in the development of Afrikaans, which today is different enough from its parent to be considered a separate language. Read more

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