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Dutch accent voice recording services

As an established Voice-Over Agency and Subtitling Studios, Matinée has been providing English in Dutch accent voice production services for over 25 years, from our base in Reading. We offer a selection of the very best Dutch voice talent, at a price you can afford.

We can supply and record Dutch voice-over artists speaking in English, for documentary, advertising, corporate video, eLearning or telephone messaging. We can time-sync the voice-over to picture, and deliver the audio back in any file format you require.

Check out our FAQs for more information about English voice-over recordings in Dutch accent. For the latest pricing, and to check the availability of our Dutch accent voice-artists, contact us today on +44(0)118 958 4934, or email

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If you require a voice recording in Dutch, rather than English in Dutch accent, please follow this link

Dutch accent voice recording in English for Bavaria promo

Sunipa Pictures were producing a 2 minute web promo for ‘Bavaria’ – a beer brewer based in Holland.

They required a Dutch accent voiceover, and chose Matinée Multilingual to help cast the voice artist and produce the recording.

Dutch voice actor – Zeno was selected and we recorded him using our ISDN studio link. The audio was then cleaned & edited as 1 x wav file @ 16 Bit 48Khz.

Origins of the Dutch language and accent

English in Dutch accent voiceover talent agency

Dutch is spoken mainly in the Netherlands, which is in North West Europe, it’s capital is Amsterdam. You can also hear the Dutch language in Belgium.

The language which is taught in schools is called General Civilised Dutch or Standard Dutch. Dutch spoken in Belgium is called Flemish and there are some differences in the languages in both pronunciation and vocabulary.

The Dutch language is said to share features with German and English. There are a number of Dutch dialects including Friesland which is a bilingual region where they speak the West Frisian language and Dutch. There is also East and West Flemish, Brabantian and Limburgish amongst others. In Holland they speak Hollandic.

You can even hear a Dutch dialect in South Africa. Afrikaans is heavily influenced by Dutch and this is due to the fact that the Dutch colonised South Africa. Many Dutch speakers can understand Afrikaans and vice versa.

The first known Germanic tribes that settled in land that was between the lower and middle Rhine. They were known as Franks. The Franks lived in what is now the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. They ruled most of Western Europe and it is thought that the Franks, along with the Frisians and the Saxons, are the original ancestors of the Dutch people.

Another place you can still hear the Dutch dialect is in New Jersey in the United States. It was originally spoken by Dutch settlers and African-American slaves.  Listen to English spoken with a Dutch accent in this interview with Racing Driver, Robert Doornbos.