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Matinée Multilingual is a thriving voice acting agency, offering access to many of the best voice professionals around. But unlike many other agencies specialising in voice actors, we also have two recording studios and two video production suites, which means we offer a complete voice production, subtitling and localisation service from our offices in Reading, just 35 miles from London.

We’ve been recording from our studios in Reading for over 30 years, and in that time we’ve learnt a thing or two. We have two Pro-Tools equipped recording studios, built to BBC specification. All our recordings are delivered with a clarity and warmth that you expect from a top recording studio.

Rates that won’t smash your budget

We maintain our fees at the lower end of the market, by keeping our costs lower and negotiating better rates from the talent themselves. So you will find we offer better value than other agencies. But we don’t compromise on quality – we simply don’t offer superfluous glitz and glitter like many others. And our quick-quote solution means we can send you a voice quote for your project within one hour.

And we’ll always try to help if your budget doesn’t stretch to the voice talent you have selected. We’ll search our roster and find you similar voice artists, offering a more flexible approach to recording rates.

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British Voice Actors

British voice actor Claire

Claire is a British voice actor with over 15 years experience voicing animations, video games, audio-books, commercials, ELT, eLearning and IVR prompts. Read more...
British voice actor Kathryn

Kathryn is a British voice actor who has been working in the voice-over industry for 15 years. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she started out dubbing old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies into English. Read more...

Wayne is a highly experienced and versatile British voice actor. He has created a wide range of voices for TV, films, animations, computer games, radio, corporate videos and commercials. Read more...

Dennis trained at the Italia Conti Stage School, and as a child Actor was cast in several film’s and had the lead role in Children’s Film Foundation called ‘On The Run’. Read more...

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Voice actors reading multiple characters – Internet Latency

The University of Oslo in Norway, created this excellent animation.  It gives an introduction into the greatest sources of Internet latency, and emphasises the difference between bandwidth and latency.

Three English character voice actors were required to voice the production. We put forward dozens for consideration and the customer finally chose Nigel, Donna and Claire. Claire is one of our featured voices and we’ve been working with her for many years. They cast their magic and really helped to bring the animation to life.

After we recorded all the performances, we then edited the audio and sent it back to the client in mp3 format, to edit back into the animation.

The difference between a voice actor and a voice artist

Voice acting is when you are able to provide voices for animated characters, voices for films, commercials, audio books and gaming. The people who do this type of work have normally been trained at drama school and many of them work as actors. They take part in projects which include character voices, translation, narration and announcements.

Voice artists on the other hand are people who are able to read a script and talk in their own voices for projects such as advertising, announcements and informational videos. They usually have had voice training, but they are not necessarily actors.

Both types of voice over talent work in radio and television and are usually signed up with an agency, which provides them with work. Matinee Multilingual is a Voice-over Agency that supplies talented voices for every purpose. We have voices in English and foreign languages and provide people who can talk with different accents and dialects too.

Meet Shauna – a Project Manager at Matinée MultilingualVoice talent project manager

As a Project Manager at Matinée, it’s my job to negotiate with the team involved in the project. By team, I mean the translators, voice talents, sound recordist, subtitlier, Account Manager, and of course, our client (because they’re part of the team too!). This includes the agreement of the schedule, resources, materials, and budget. It can be a tough job to find a balance that works for the whole team.

Risk Management is also a very important part of my role. I look out for risks that could threaten the schedule, budget, or quality of our work. I plan ahead to manage these risks identifying them in advance, and looking for possible solutions before the risks become problems. Do we have all the assets we need? Do any of the assets look incomplete or wrong? Is the deadline realistic for the work required? Do we need additional resources to ensure we meet the deadline? Are there any other challenges that could cause delays or additional costs? I do my best to anticipate any potential problems that could become a threat, and manage the risks accordingly.