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Norwegian voice-over agency

Norwegian voice-over and subtitling agency
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Norwegian Voice Talent Agency and Recording Services

Let us guess, you are looking for a Norwegian voice-over artist to record you latest mega project? Woo-hoo you found us! And your Scandinavian audience will love you for it.

We are a Norwegian VO agency, and supply native voice actors in a variety of styles, costs and expertise. Whether you are looking for a young female voice artist to record your IVR – on hold phone message or a mature male voice actor to record a script for an online video promotion, we have the diversity of talent to suit every requirement.

Why do I need a Norwegian voice over?

Nearly 90% of Norwegians actually speak English, which is incredible! So why would anyone create a Norwegian language version of their video or audio project? Well, if you are looking to build a relationship with your audience then you should acknowledge their culture and language, which makes localisation a priority.

Next step to your complete your Norwegian voice over project

Our Account Managers are like knowledgeable voice-over superheroes! They will advise you on the most suitable voice artists, taking into account your style preference and turn-around time, and your budget.

Get in touch by filling in the Quick Quote box opposite, and we’ll send you some casting samples personalised for your project.  This is a completely free of charge service.

Featured Norwegian Voice-over Talent

Norwegian voice artist Aleksander

Aleksander is a male Norwegian voice-over artist with a native east-Norwegian accent, considered neutral Norwegian.  He has voiced commercials, e-learning voicing and corporate videos. Read more...
Norwegian voice artist Camilla

Camilla is a trained actress at ARTS ED.  She is Bilingual in Norwegian and English.  She is a freelance voice over and has worked as an announcer For VIASAT broadcasting between 1997-2003. Read more...
Norwegian voice artist Kari

Kari is a native Norwegian voice-over artist.  She has a Northern accent and she is a continuity announcer for TV3.
Kari is a very experienced voice artist and can vary her style & tone for whatever type of project. Read more...
Norwegian voice artist Stig

Stig is a male Norwegian voice-over artist & voice actor.  He's been doing voice-over work since 2008 and loves doing characters in video games.  He has been involved in over 20 projects to date. Read more...

Norwegian voice-over selection and quick quote in just 1 hour

1.   browse the Norwgian voice-over demos below and click PLAY to audition each casting sample
2.   choose the voice(s) you like and click ADD to your Quick Quote, or DOWNLOAD a copy
3.   complete the Quick Quote and we’ll check availability and costs, with a response in just 1 hour

Video case study: Norwegian voice-over for Perfect Home

IVR & on-hold messaging

Wunderland were producing a product promo for Perfect Home and required a Norwegian voice-over agency to assist with casting and recording a native Norwegian female voiceover.

We cast the voice of Camilla, recorded time-sync to picture and cleaned, edited and delivered the audio as 1 x wav file.  The client was delighted with the voice-over and went on to create a Swedish version with us as well.

A short history of the Norwegian Voice-over language

Norwegian voice-over agency

Norwegian belongs to the West Scandinavian branch of the North Germanic family of languages. Along with other Scandinavian languages, it is descended from Old Norse, which was spoken by the Germanic people who lived in Scandinavia during the Viking era.

Norwegian derives from the West Norse dialect group, along with Icelandic and Faroese, while Danish and Swedish derive from East Norse. The western branch of Norse dialects started to break away from the eastern branch after the Kingdom of Norway was founded at the beginning of the 11th century.

Today, spoken Norwegian is essentially mutually intelligible with Danish and Swedish. These three languages are categorised as Mainland Scandinavian, while Icelandic and Faroese are classified as Insular Scandinavian.

Norwegian is unusual in having two distinct written forms – Bokmål (literally ‘book language’, also called Dano-Norwegian) and Nynorsk (‘new Norwegian’). Bokmål derives from Danish (which was the standard written language of Norway from the 16th to 19th centuries), while Nynorsk is based on Norwegian dialects. Although Nynorsk was an attempt at re-establishing their own national language, today 83% of Norwegians still use Bokmål. Read more

Video case study: Norwegian voice over for AGCO

IVR & on-hold messaging

AGCO offer high-tech solutions for professional farmers. They design, manufacture and distribute agricultural products in more than 140 countries. In this animation they demonstrate the use of their air filters and why it plays a vital role in prolonging the life of an engine.

A market that they are focusing their brand presence on right now is Norway.  AGRO were seeking a Norwegian voice over agency with a range of Norwegian voice talent to find the right voice to suit the script. We were delighted to help and Dan – a native Norwegian voice actor with a broad experience in promotional video, had the confident and sophisticated style that the client was looking for.