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Romanian voice-over and subtitling agency
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Romanian voice-over production made simple

As an established Romanian International voice-over agency, Matinée Multilingual has been providing a professional Romanian Voice-Over Service and Romanian Subtitling Service for over 25 years. We offer a selection of the very best Romanian voice-over talent, at a price you can afford.

Whether for documentary, advertising, eLearning, or IVR, we’ll help you select the best Romanian voice-over talent for the job. We can record wild or sync to picture, and deliver the audio back in the file format of your choice, same day, via FTP. We can also lay-back the audio onto your video, and re-work the captions where necessary.

To calculate voice-over fees and recording costs click here.  You will also find a lot of technical information here on our FAQs page. 

To check the availability of our voice-artists and to confirm costs, please contact us using the quick Quote form opposite, and we'll respond within one hour. Or you can email or call on +44(0)118 958 4934.

Featured Romanian Voice Talent

Romanian voice artist Anamaria

Anamaria is a native Romanian voice artist & actress.  She has a dynamic vocal range which makes her suitable for most voice projects from upbeat commercials to emotive documentaries. Read more...
Romanian voice artist Maria

Maria is a native Romanian voice artist, singer & actress.  She completed an MA in Acting (International) course at East 15 Acting School in 2011.  Maria also has acting experience at the 'Masca' theatre. Read more...
Romanian voice artist Marius

Marius is a native Romanian voice artist and started his voice-over career in 1999.  Marius works as a multimedia journalist and he's the journalism training editor at BBC Media Action in London. Read more...
Romanian voice artist Nicu

Nicu is a native Romanian voice artist and ex-BBC radio presenter with many years experience.  He has recorded voice-over for corporate videos, online promos, TV commercials, radio idents and video games. Read more...

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Romanian Voice-over for Express Asphalt Safety video


Asphalt is a widely used product for surfacing roads, paths, flooring and roofing.  Aggregate Industries is a global ‘Express Asphalt’ supplier, with numerous depots in each region to ensure the fastest delivery possible to their customers.

Handling Asphalt can be dangerous work, with heavy loads, and large Lorries making deliveries.  So they created an eLearning course to educate their employees about the dangers. The 10-minute ‘Stay Safe’ video was part of this course and Matinée Multilingual was tasked with producing both Russian and Romanian foreign language versions.

First we transcribed the English audio to create a time-coded script. Then we organised translations into both languages, ensuring the each version could be read by the voice artist to fit within the existing vision timing. Finally we cast native male voice artists, recorded time-sync to picture and mixed the audio with the sound-track.

A short history of the Romanian language

Romanian voiceover talent agency

Romanian belongs to the Eastern Romance sub-group of the Italic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It is unique in that it is the only Romance language spoken in Eastern Europe today.

The Eastern Romance languages descended from Vulgar Latin during the days of the Roman Empire. The name Romania comes from the Latin word ‘Romanus’. Little is known about the development of Proto-Romanian before the 10th century, when the region came under the influence of the Byzantine Empire.

During the Middle Ages, Romanian was influenced by the Slavic languages (taking it in rather a different direction to most other Romance languages), and also by Greek. The oldest example of written Romanian is a letter dating back to 1521. The first Romanian grammar was published in Vienna in 1780. Standard literary Romanian evolved from the Daco-Romanian dialect spoken in southern Romania.

Romanian is spoken in Moldova as well as Romania. In Moldova it is generally called Moldovan, although there is an ongoing debate about whether it is a separate language or not. Read more