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Hebrew voice-over and subtitling agency
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Hebrew voice-over production made simple

As an established Hebrew International voice-over agency, Matinée Multilingual has been providing a professional Hebrew Voice-Over Service and Hebrew Subtitling Service for over 25 years. We offer a selection of the very best Hebrew voice-over talent, at a price you can afford.

Whether for documentary, advertising, eLearning, or IVR, we’ll help you select the best Hebrew voice-over talent for the job. We can record wild or sync to picture, and deliver the audio back in the file format of your choice, same day, via FTP. We can also lay-back the audio onto your video, and re-work the captions where necessary.

To calculate voice-over fees and recording costs click here.  You will also find a lot of technical information here on our FAQs page. 

To check the availability of our voice-artists and to confirm costs, please contact us using the quick Quote form opposite, and we'll respond within one hour. Or you can email or call on +44(0)118 958 4934.

Featured Hebrew Voice-over Talent

Hebrew voice artist Gabriel

Gabriel is a Hebrew voice-over artist who has an authoritative, yet conversational voice.  He has a natural warm, deep, strong and versatile voice, suitable for most requirements. Read more...
Hebrew voice artist Irit

Irit is a Hebrew voice-over artist with a very versatile voice.  She is a highly sought after Hebrew voice talent for radio and TV commercials, business presentations, training, IVR recordings. Read more...
Hebrew voice artist John

John is a talented Hebrew voice over artist and linguist.  He has a decisive yet approachable vocal style which makes him a popular choice with many clients. Read more...
Hebrew voice artist Avia

Avia is an actress based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She is a native Hebrew talent fluent in English. She is now an experienced voice talent working with major studios and production companies. Read more...

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Hebrew voice-over & video translation for Epson Connect

Epson is a known for their innovation and quality within the desktp printer market. They have been developing and improving a range of printers for over forty years. They introduced a new printer to their product line that offers wireless printing through smartphones and tablets.

As an internationally recognised brand, that ensures it delivers the same service of care and level of attention across the board, Epson decided to localise its product launch promo video in many languages. One of the services they required was a Hebrew voice over. We cast Gabriel, an experienced Hebrew voice talent that delivered an authoritative and strong tone.

As a young male Hebrew voice artist Gabriel is often asked to record technology based commercials as his delivery style relates well to that target market.

A short history of the Hebrew language

Hebrew voiceover talent agencyHebrew, one of the oldest languages in the world, belongs to the Canaanite branch of the Northwest Semitic sub-section of the Afroasiatic family of languages.

It dates back to the 10th century BCE, and was spoken up until the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE, after which it became practically extinct as a spoken language. However, it continued to survive as the literary language of Judaism, in prayers and holy texts. The Torah, and most of the rest of the Hebrew Bible, is written in Classical Hebrew.

In the late 19th century Eliezer Ben Yehudah led the revival of the spoken language, devoting his life to adapting Hebrew for modern life. Modern Hebrew gradually grew in use, and became the official language of the State of Israel when it was created in 1948. Read more


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