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What is phrase-sync voice-over?

What is phrase-sync voice-over?

As a leading voice-over agency, we are often asked to produce lip-sync recordings in multiple languages. Many of our customers ask for this service without realising the level of effort required to produce an accurate lip-sync.

It can be very expensive because the scripts have to be adapted to closely match the lip movements of the actor or presenter. This is time-consuming work which only translators with extra training can undertake. To record lip-sync in the studio also takes six times longer than a standard voice recording! 

Many of our customers don’t have a big budget and can’t afford the cost of lip-sync.  We can offer a ‘phrase-sync’ recording as a more cost-effective alternative (it’s half the cost of lip-sync). This case study is an example of a phrase-sync recording. 

The main difference to lip-sync is that the new voice-over is not matched to the lip movements, it’s simply matched one phrase at a time. The translator still needs to ensure the script can be read at a natural pace, and in time with the original speaker. But it’s much less work than adapting the scripts for lip-sync and drastically reduces the studio recording time and cost.

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