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Male voice-over artists at sensible prices

male voice over agencyMatinée Multilingual has a roster of hundreds of the very best male voice-over artists based in the UK.  And we have access to thousands of in-country foreign voice-over specialists working in over 80 languages.  With that array of talent available, we'll help you find exactly the right voice for your project, and at a price that won't blow your budget.

The Matinée business started in Reading over 30 years ago, and has gained huge experience in this sector over that time. And because we are located just outside London, we have access to all the male voice talent available, to the most vibrant language centre in the world.

Whatever you need voiced, we can help organise it quickly, and help solve any production issues that arise.  We have considerable experience in voice recording and subtitling to video, and we'll solve any challenge that you can throw at us.

We provide voices for TV and radio commercials, corporate films, documentary, animation, audio books, computer games, e-learning, in-store promotions, and IVR systems.

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Featured English male voice-over professionals


Jay is a British stage and screen actor with many years’ experience as a versatile male voiceover artist. Credits include cartoons, commercials, promos, video games and documentaries. Read more...

With over fifteen years in the industry, Neil is an experienced male voice-over artist whose work can be heard not only in the UK, but also around the world. Read more...

André is a UK male voice artist with over twenty years’ experience, voicing everything from corporate videos, telephone answering services, computer games. Read more...

Kieran is a London based male voice-over artist delivering youthful, young adult to mature deep reads. His versatility, natural smile and energy means he is very good at grabbing the listener's attention. Read more...

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Case Study: Male voice artist recording for BVT promo

BVT is a leading player in the oil & gas industry based in Russia.  They develop and manufacture the explosive charges used to open-up productive formations in oil and gas wells.

They wanted to translate their corporate video to English for use online and at events.  This was a challenge because they didn’t have access to the source files. This meant we had to remove the entire Russian sound-track, source a new music track and create a new sound mix.

We cast one of our preferred UK voice talents –Philippe.  His voice is perfect for narrating corporate video.  BVT supplied the translations and we recorded time-sync to the Russian audio, mixed the narration with the new music track and created an MP4 ready for hosting on the client website.

Case Study: Dutch Male Voice-over for Vooruit in de spits – Willem

Willem is a native Dutch male voice artist who has been a full-time voice-artist since 2005. He has a broad range of experience in e-learning, corporate videos and commercials.

Willem has a bright, clear voice with a natural authority and persuasion. He is often described to have an ‘ageless’ voice and has been chosen for voices between 25 and 60 years old! He speaks ‘Standard Dutch’ (as spoken in the Netherlands) without any accent or dialect and can also do ‘European English’ (Continental English) as well.

Please visit: Dutch voice-over agency

Case Study: English male voice-over for SmartMover Range of 7 videos

MasterMover’s range of electric tugs helps users to move very heavy loads, even on slopes up to 30 degrees. The tugs feature an innovative weight transfer system which concentrates the weight over the puncture proof wheels.  It’s certainly a ‘smart’ product range, and they needed a confident and convincing narrator to explain all the key features to customers.

As a leading English voice-over agency, we were asked to help, and the customer made good use of our free voice casting service. Joe – a highly experienced English male voice artist, was selected for the role.  He already lends credibility to some of the biggest corporate brands in the world.

We recorded Joe’s voice-over in sync to the video at our recording studios in Reading. This made it very easy for the production company to lay-back to their picture master. They were really pleased with our service and with Joe’s voice-over and we have completed many more videos for them since.

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