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How to successfully adapt your content for foreign markets

The online market place is getting more and more crowded as we speak, meaning it’s more important than ever before for your business and product to stand out. And the key to doing that? Ensuring that the content you’re putting out is suitable for international markets.

Targeting foreign markets with the digital content you distribute can improve your market reach, generate more leads, and ultimately grow your business, but only if you do this in an effective way.

Sharing your content far and wide just won’t cut it any more. You need to make sure that this content is suitable for the markets you’re targeting to ensure that your message will resonate. Considering the cultural, religious, and political environment of the country you wish to reach is vital in ensuring that you connect with consumers.

So, what are the best ways to do this? We take a look at how best to adapt your content for foreign markets, and what the benefits are.

Things to consider


When it comes to making your video content accessible for international audiences, subtitles are the key. Subtitles translate foreign language dialogue, offering a text alternative in the viewer’s chosen language of what is being said on-screen.

Adding subtitles to your video content is an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring you aren’t alienating large amounts of potential customers. Thanks to the easy switch on/switch off function, having subtitles on your video doesn’t have to negatively impact viewers who choose to watch in the original language.

Not only that, but subtitles are great for allowing viewers to watch in busy or noisy environments. In fact, research has found that video views increase by 12% when subtitles are included. A win for everyone, then, not just international markets.

Voice overs

To ensure that international viewers aren’t excluded from enjoying the video content that you put out, subtitles aren’t the only option. You could also choose to re-voice/dub your video, so the audio plays in the native language of your desired market.

Dubbing a video essentially means that the original audio is removed and replaced by another soundtrack which has been recorded in a preferred language. Many voice actors specialise in the recording for dubbed foreign language content, meaning that you can create a high-quality, effective voice recording that maintains the integrity of your message.

There are many benefits to deciding to re-voice your video content. Dubbing can help viewers to focus more on the actual content of the video, as they listen to the sound in their own language. Hearing the information in their native tongue can put viewers at ease, and make them more inclined to focus on what’s being shown on-screen.

Professional translation services

When it comes to adapting your content for international markets, whether you choose subtitling or dubbing, the work of a professional translation agency will be invaluable. When you’re trying to effectively communicate with audiences around the world, Google Translate just isn’t going to cut it.

Words, phrases, and even colours can carry different meanings and connotations in different cultures, and the last thing you want to do is unintentionally offend your audience. To prove to your target market that your company is worthy of their time and trust, you will need to ensure that your content is accurately translated and localised.

A professional translator will understand all the quirks and nuances of both the source and the target language, meaning that they can translate your message so it really resonates with your target market.

Why this is important

Now we’ve outlined how to adapt your content for foreign markets, naturally, the next question is why. Yes, it may seem like a bit of extra effort to go to, but the benefits of making your video content as inclusive as possible will be worth it.

Nearly 57% of consumers said that, when making a purchase, receiving information in their own language is more important than price. With this being such a huge factor for potential clients, targeting them in their native language will give your business a competitive edge, and boost levels of trust in you. Communicating in the target market’s language, instead of expecting them to speak yours, will show consumers that you’re considerate, helping to build a strong brand image.

Only a quarter of internet users prefer the use of English over other languages. Yes, a higher percentage of users may speak English, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll engage with your content if it’s in English. In fact, 86% of localised ads perform better than English campaigns in conversion and click-through. Crazy, right? These stats speak for themselves – if you want to engage with international markets, you need to speak their language, whether this be through dubbing or subbing.

Ultimately, by taking the time to adapt your content into other languages, you’re maximising the chance of viewers watching, engaging, and connecting with what you’re putting across to them. The ability to comprehend a message in one’s natural language has a lot of power, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

How we can help

Here at Matinée, we’ve been connecting businesses with international markets for over 35 years. Our passion for multilingual communications makes us the ideal choice when it comes to adapting your video content to appeal to overseas audiences.

We offer expert subtitling, voiceover, and translation services in over 80 languages, and we understand the linguistic, cultural and technical challenges that come with translating content. We only work with trusted translation specialists, so you can be sure that whatever you need translating, be it a voiceover script or a set of subtitles, you will be receiving the most accurate and high-quality product.

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