Working in a post-Brexit world

By Matinée Multilingual
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So, we’re not quite there yet, but Brexit is edging ever closer and will be a reality one day very soon. While many companies have been working through their Brexit strategy, we’re instead looking at the business landscape in the longer term as we turn our thoughts to the new post-Brexit world.

There’s been a lot of planning in practical terms. Of course there has. The UK is the headquarters for many European brands and there has been movement and decisions made about what will happen, and where.  There’s been a lot of noise about how things are going to work within a new legal framework, with a huge emphasis on checks and processes, yet the whole thing is still so very bewildering. Questions swirl around about how Brexit will impact our working practices, but with the date jumping forward again, we’re still dealing with hypotheticals.

If we could go back to the future and skip forward to a time where we talk about the UK and the EU as truly separate entities, what do you think you would be saying to your clients and suppliers then. In short, can we plan for a certain future while we’re still in the midst of an uncertain present?

Seeing the wood for the trees – or getting your comms strategy ready now

Your post-Brexit B2B comms strategy will be a strange beast; an amalgamation of the basic and the highly finessed. Nevertheless, there are steps that you will be able action now that will ensure you keep talking – and listening – to your clients.

Dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s

We’re a global workplace and Brexit won’t change this. You may have clients all over the globe that you’re already reassuring, but what are you doing in terms of your suppliers, both in Europe and beyond. This is the perfect opportunity to take the time and courtesy to generate strong messaging to let all your business contacts know that you’re on top of what’s coming. When you have spoken with your contacts, it’s then just as important that you share this with the rest of the world through your marketing messaging. In a world of constant shift and change, reliable, rocksteady comms will stand you in good stead in the future.

Map your brave new world

In order to understand your opportunities, you must first understand your audiences. While the UK will still trade with the EU27, this is the time to take a good look at the world and see if you’re talking to everyone that you should be. While there’s a strong focus on future business with the USA, the opportunity to work with Canada is just as important. This is where localisation becomes critical to how your messaging is received. Similarly, China covers a huge geographical expanse and several different languages, but it is culturally very different to the UK. Is your current content as China-ready as it could be? There are also fresh business relationships to be made with the Scandi nations but your message will be more warmly received if it is in their native tongue, rather than English.

Be aware of the Brexit ripple-effect

In 2016, the UK put its foot down and demanded independence from the EU. This may seem like an emotive statement, but it’s important to put ourselves in Europe’s shoes, if you’re to have empathy and understanding for your EU clients. They’ve been privy to our long-drawn out campaigns, with talk of sovereignty and making Britain great again. This means that every European country is now thinking of their own nation’s status. It’s also clear that they are more focused than ever on their nation’s sense of self. In business terms, this means that you can’t create a European bundle and expect the EU27 to root through until they find what you want to offer. Each nation will look for spot-on translations, cultural understanding and empathy and perfectly tailored messaging. Are you post-Brexit Europe ready?

Still holding your breath?

No judgement here… This is a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) shift in the sand and the entire British business landscape is trying to change and adapt around a new – and unknown – reality. It is understandable that we’re waiting to hear what’s going to happen before acting, but there is another way of looking at Brexit.

Very few companies are going to fundamentally change what they do, the services they provide or the products they make. There will be tweaks, but it is possible to tell the rest of the world that you are open for business right now. Simply put, the world is your oyster. If you operate in the Spanish market, is now the time to think about translating your Spanish comms into Mexican Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese? Your corporate website is a safe space to make subtle changes such as this. This is also the time to speak to other businesses around the world through social media.

There are small, but very powerful, changes that you can make to herald in the dawn of a post-Brexit world and, rather than the ever-shifting deadline making life more complicated, it has created a window of opportunity for you to build your version of life after Brexit.

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