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What makes a good podcast?

With over 2 million shows and at least 48 million episodes, the power of podcasting is indisputable. Whether we’re commuting, working out, or just relaxing, there’s a show out there that will provide the perfect accompaniment.

It’s only right, then, that the 30th September 2021 is officially International Podcast Day (IPD). Designed to be a global celebration of all things podcasting, IPD is a great opportunity for podcast creators to connect, for podcast fans to expand their listening library, and for all of us to pick up a few new show recommendations.

IPD is a unique opportunity for all of us to celebrate the power of the podcast, and all the benefits they bring to the world of audio, and to our lives.

Here at Matinée, as a company specialising in the recording of audio content, we are of course massive podcast fans. So, in honour of International Podcast Day, we thought we’d take a closer look at what it is that makes them so special, and what has led to their skyrocketing popularity.

Podcast ingredients

When it comes to creating the perfect pod, first and foremost comes the subject matter. What will the podcast focus on? What will be discussed? What genre does it fit in to?

Instead of focusing on a broad subject matter, choosing a podcast niche helps easily define the concept of the show. This way, the show will be easier to define and more likely to stand out against its competitors. Remember, there’s no such thing as too niche, especially when there’s podcasts like The Pen Addict out there – yes, it really does only discuss pens.

Next, add in a consistent schedule. Ensuring that the time and location the show can be downloaded from remains consistent and easily accessible will help build a loyal listener base that has faith in the reliability of the podcast. Will it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Hosted privately, or on a streaming service? These are all considerable factors that help solidify the professionalism of an audio show.

To the subject matter and the schedule, we can now add in professional equipment. It’s no secret that poor audio clarity can turn listeners away, as they work harder to hear what’s being said, instead of simply listening and enjoying. No matter how interesting the subject or discussion is, poor audio quality can be a deal breaker.

Having the right tools, or using a professional recording studio, helps ensure that the focus is solely on the audio content, automatically making the podcast more enjoyable.

Now comes the most important ingredient of them all: the voice. The recipe may be perfect up to this point, but fail to have the right voice to bring the show to life, and the podcast could well be a flop. A good podcast host will use their voice to both engage with and entertain the audience, for a sustained period of time, without feeling fake or forced.

A good host with a good voice will ensure that the audience feel valued, and will ultimately help the listener trust both the host and the show itself.

What’s the effect of a good voice?

By selecting the right voice to bring a show to life, podcasts can unify an audience of interested people, helping listeners to feel connected to others when it comes to the given subject matter.

When done right, podcast hosts will speak to their audience as if they’re in the same room, allowing listeners to discover the content alongside them, instead of feeling alienated and distanced from the show.

Being passionate about the subject being discussed is, of course, an invaluable trait, as this passion will come through in the voice and presentation of the show. Being a compelling and authentic storyteller who can offer a new perspective on a specific topic will only help boost the podcast’s success further. And a lot of this will rest on the shoulders of the host, whose voice will help bring these aspects to life.

Depending on the chosen subject, a podcast host will be able to invoke a whole range of emotions, from happiness, to enlightenment, to thoughtfulness, to a sense of escapism. If the host can communicate these emotions with their voice, then they’re onto a winner.

So, we can see just how important it is to select the right host with the right voice for a podcast. And clearly podcast hosts are doing something right, as we take a look at just how successful the medium has become over recent years.

As of 2020, there were over 15 million podcast listeners in the UK alone, with the audience continuing to grow steadily. Their popularity is skyrocketing so much that experts have forecasted close to 20 million listeners by 2024. It’s only over the past decade that podcasts have really become one of the most popular forms of audio entertainment, especially with young people, with nearly 40% of UK listeners aged 26 to 35 listening to podcasts on a weekly basis.

With podcasts steadily taking over the world, there’s never been a better time to bring your new show to life with the help of the perfect voice.

How can we help?

When it comes to podcasting, we’re here to help. We have two state of the art voice recording studios, recently upgraded with the latest equipment and built to produce the cleanest quality audio. Recording in our studio will help ensure that you’re putting out the best quality podcast to your audience, so you can just focus on your show!

We also have an extensive roster of talented voice artists, who can collectively speak over 80 languages. Maybe you’re looking for a foreign language voice artist for your podcast so you can expand your audience reach, or perhaps you’re just interested in hearing what we’ve got on offer? Whatever it is, we’ll be able to find the perfect voice for you.

Whether you need a voiceover for your podcast, or for any other audio project you’re working on, Matinée will no doubt be able to help. We’ve been in the voiceover industry for over 30 years, and there’s not much we haven’t been asked to record!

Whatever you have in mind, get in touch with our expert team today to find out how we can help you.

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