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Where can I find a voice over studio in London?

We recently posted an article on our Facebook and Twitter sites about how there has been a boom in the voice over industry and our own business is a testament to this. Lately, our voice over studios in Reading, Berkshire, have been booked out solidly, with a flurry of voice artists and clients coming and going.

Many people who are looking for a voice over studio in the UK will automatically go to Google and type something like “Where can I find a voice over studio in London?”  They make the mistake of thinking that there are very few studios outside of London. But the benefits shrewd clients who do look beyond London for their voice over needs are clear.

For example, we are based only 25 minutes on a train from the centre of London, and can offer 3 Pro-Tools recording studios and two video edit suites. And all at a fraction of the cost of most of the London studios and voice over agencies.

And whilst being close to the cultural capitals of the UK allows us access to a huge variety of local voice talent, we’re continually investing a lot of time and effort in recruiting voice talent from around the world.  Thanks to technology like SourceConnect, we can record with a vast network of in-country voices which gives our clients a greater choice. And at a price they can afford.

So if you are looking for a cost effective, quality voice over agency, don’t let the location of the studio put you off.  You could record on the moon and still be able to edit the audio at a location of your choice!

…And whilst we have yet to find a voice artist on the moon.  We do have plenty of voice talent here on planet earth.

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