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Voice-over worth

What is a voice-over worth to you and your business?

If your business is calling out for a voice-over then you’ll know how difficult it is to choose from all the options you have available. The industry is growing at an incredible pace these days and technology makes it easier than ever to offer voice-over services for less.

As with any industry though, an explosion of cheaper options greatly affects the range of quality on offer and makes it difficult to choose the best option for your needs. Which leaves the key question burning: how much is a voice-over worth to you and your business?

The price of achieving your goals

Cheaper is great, but only when it ticks all the right boxes – otherwise you’re wasting money on something that isn’t up to scratch. So you need to decide how much it is going to cost you to achieve your goals and find the right voice-over agency to make it happen.

Some goals will cost you more than others and require different things from your choice of voice-over services. Understanding this is key to choosing the right agency, studio or individual to create your voice-over, while it also helps you know how much you’ll have to invest.

What do you stand to gain?

If your voice-over is for corporate, advertising or some other kind of marketing material then you have to ask yourself what you stand to gain. Most marketing voice-overs are for video material, designed to promote a business or product, and you can’t underestimate the value of first-class footage.

Video has been the most lucrative form of advertising since the birth of television and risen to the most profitable type of web content in the last few years. At least this is the case for businesses that properly invest in video, rather than settling for the cheapest option.

So when it comes to choosing the right voice-over agency, don’t settle for anything less than specialists who can deliver what you need. And if this means video, an agency with a proven track record for video production or at least putting footage and quality voice-overs together.