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Why video is essential to your content marketing strategy

You’ve probably noticed that more and more of your competitors are using videos within their content marketing strategy and with good reason too.

In fact, there are now more excellent reasons for putting video at the heart of your content marketing than there are good Star Wars movies or Keanu Reeves facial expressions.

Which of the following reasons for using videos do you think could most benefit your company the most?

Reap the SEO benefits

For many businesses it is the aim to boost SEO efforts that initially attracts them to videos. After all, the use of videos in content marketing is said to greatly improve your chances of getting on to that coveted first page of Google results and sticking out your tongue at your rivals below you (this step is optional).

To get the full range of benefits you will want to make your video title keyword rich. You can also embed it on your own site and then alter the title slightly before uploading it to YouTube and Vimeo as well. Being able to compare the analytics separately will let you know where to find your audience.

This is certainly a more sustainable and attractive approach than hiring a mysterious wizard in the black arts of SEO to shoot you up the rankings only to plummet back down again like a lead balloon.

First thing’s first though, you need to create an interesting video. And it’s not as complicated as you might think. You just need some great ideas, a quality voice actor and the right video-making tools. Animations are a popular choice, they can earn you some great results and don’t cost the earth.

Content Marketing Strategy for Video - Google Analytics

Tell a story

Your video doesn’t just have to be a dull snippet showing a boring product or building from a million different angles. Instead, why not let it tell a story that viewers can enjoy while providing some useful information?

You don’t need to have a Hollywood budget or the acting skills of Tom Hanks to do this. You don’t even need the acting skills of Jean-Claude Van Damme, to be honest. More than anything else, you need a big dollop of creativity and a genuine desire to tell an interesting story.

Of course, to reap these benefits you need to produce strong videos that pull the right strings and make your brand interesting. It’s no use just cobbling together dramatic nonsense that resembles some undecipherable art house movie and leaves everyone baffled about who you are and what you do.

Dollar Shave Club managed to take their video viral with a particularly low budget and an afternoon of filming. Around 12,000 users signed up for the service within the first 48 hours of the YouTube video going live. It currently has over 24 million views.

Grab people’s attention

When someone goes looking online for a product or service they run the risk of being swamped by all the written content they stumble across. There is an abundance of blog posts, guest posts and other online marketing material fighting for attention.

Thankfully, a well-produced video stands out from the crowd easily. This is why it is such a fine approach to grabbing people’s attention right away.

Don’t cower and tremble in the shadow of bigger rivals anymore. By getting some exciting videos out there you will become more visible to the people that you want to make connections with.

Get more customer engagement

Getting people to comment on, share or like your video is key to powerful content marketing. If you can get people engaged, you stand more chance of making them a customer.

In this respect, video content is brilliant for getting people to spend some time thinking about you and your brand. A thought-provoking, controversial or otherwise interesting video stirs up emotions and gets people involved like few other things.

This is one of the reasons why videos are linked to higher conversion rates, as your potential customers are likely to stick around for longer and become more interested in what you do. It’s also never been simpler to sort out a video translation to appeal to people all over the planet.

Content Marketing Strategy for Video all over the world

Be a brand that connects

Making an emotional connection with customers is one of the most difficult yet valuable things that your content can do. If you can become a brand that connects with people and makes them feel strong emotions – other than hate or rage, obviously – then you are well on the way to success.

Videos evoke emotions and make people feel something strong and identifiable about your brand. This means that you need to be very careful to make them feel the right, positive emotions that you want to associate with the brand.

Don’t be a company that just sits there idly while others make strong connections. If you choose the video approach and you will soon see that it helps you to get your brand message and image across in a more memorable way.

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Why not get started on coming up with some ideas for your first piece of video content? It could turn out to be something that you really enjoy doing, as well as being profitable.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your videos in your content marketing strategy.