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Useful Spanish phrases for your holiday

In this mini blog series, we’ll be equipping you with 10 of the most common phrases you’ll need for your holiday this summer!

First up, Spanish.

To make it a bit easier, we’ve included the English, the Spanish, and the phonetic pronunciation.

The Basics


Hola/Adios (Oh-la/Addy-oss)


Si/No (See/N-oh)

Please/Thank you

Por favor/Gracias (Poor fa-vor/Gra-thee-ass)

Key Phrases

Where is the toilet?

Dónde está el servicio? (Don-de esta el serbee-theeyo?)

How much?

Cuánto? (Kwan-to?)

Is there a good restaurant near here?

Hay un buen restaurante cerca de aqui? (Eye oon bwen restaurant-ay therka de akee?)

Where can I/we get a taxi?

Dónde se cogen los taxis? (Don-de se kog-gen loss tak-sees?)

Where can I find a bureau de change?

Dónde está el despacho de cambio mas cercano? (Don-de esta el despacho deh kambeeyo mas therkano?)

What time is it?

Qué hora es? (Keh oor-ra ez?)

Do you accept credit cards?

Aceptan tarjetas de crédito? (A-sep-tan tar-hay-tas de cred-ee-to?)

A beer, please.

Una cerveza, por favor. (Oona therbetha por favor.)

I would like a glass of red/white wine, please.

Quiero un vaso de vino tinto/blanco, por favor. (Kyero oon basso deh beeno teento/blanko, por favor.)

And if all else fails…

Excuse me, do you speak English?

Con permiso, habla usted inglés? (Kon per-mi-so, Ab-la oos-ted een-glez?)

Tomorrow we’ll be giving you the 10 most common Portuguese holiday phrases.