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By Matinée Multilingual
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Revised: May 2021

Global business success relies on reaching an international audience in their language. Professional translation services for websites, software localisation, and other media are indispensable for anyone who must ensure their brand message is heard and understood across borders.

Marketing messages, global patent filing, videos, games and HR policies all require scrupulous interpretation. Translating these materials appropriately ensures that they can meet local regulations and compliance mandates. Additionally, they allow for companies to truly speak to their audience.

By restricting documents and content to English, you cut off most of the world’s marketplaces and estrange customers, employees, and stakeholders. To truly connect with local audiences across the globe and comply with local laws, language service providers (LSPs) are a must.

Every type of business benefits from this type of professional assistance, even those you wouldn’t initially consider. Here are four examples of industries and business-related activities that require translation for maximising their success abroad.

Law in Translation Services

Video translations

More and more people around the world are using video for communication, information sharing, and learning new things. In fact, viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video

There are two approaches to video translation services: subtitling services and audio translation. Deciding which approach to use will depend on the end result you’re striving for.

Questions worth asking in this process include:

  • How many people are talking?
  • How quickly are they speaking?
  • Are there visual elements that need translating and will viewers be able to read and watch?

Enlisting the help of a professional LSP can help you avoid reshooting and other wasteful expenses related to interpreting for a local audience. They’ll also be conscious of even the minute details to make sure your final product is translated and localised appropriately.

Patent processing and maintenance

The exact wording of patent applications calls for strict adherence to rules and a thorough understanding of the language they are approved in. A misunderstanding can make or break a new product. It’s even more complicated when applying for patents in a foreign country, and therefore in a foreign language.

This situation also comes with a different sets of regulations. It’s imperative to comply with local patent laws while maintaining technical accuracy; a misinterpreted word can be the demise of years’ worth of work.

Filing patents and maintaining them in international markets varies in cost from nation to nation, and translation prices have risen along with the cost of filing alone. The European Commission states, “The cost of a single translation of a patent can be more than €1,500.” Multiplied over a number of languages and countries, filing fees can amount to 40% of the overall patenting cost. Getting it right first time is therefore clearly more cost-effective.

Qualified legal translation agencies make the patent process more accessible to business by reducing the cost and ensuring the precision of the translations.

Legal in Translation Services

Marketing to a global audience

Communicating your message with clarity and cultural sensitivity will help you to expand and sell to international audiences. Website content, advertising materials, contracts, and all points of contact throughout the sales funnel must be concisely translated not only to reach your audience, but also to speak a language that allows them to understand your brand.

1 billion consumers – around half of all online buyers – will purchase from businesses in other countries by 2020. To take advantage of this marketplace you’ll need to engage with regional audiences effectively. Translation and localisation should be central to your international marketing strategy in order to accomplish this.

International Translation Services

International litigation

International law can be difficult enough to comprehend without the further complication of language, varied processes, and cultural expectations. Many areas of law are open to frequent changes, and associated documents can often include multiple languages. Without effective translation, cross-cultural miscommunication is a high risk.

The technical and highly specific nature of the legal process leaves minimal room for error in translations of either audio or text-based materials. Hiring ISO-certified translators to interpret all related resources is critical to the outcome of legal matters.

Three common instances are:

  • Legal cases that must be heard in multiple courts and/or in different countries.
  • A case includes documents or interviews in a language that court staff are not fluent in.
  • A law exists in one language and needs to be applied in a case not of that origin.

Begin the right way

Making your messaging appropriate from the start by employing a professional LSP will ensure accuracy and efficiency for your business. Doing so also avoids greater risk in losing revenue, reputation, and damaging legal proceedings that come with translation errors or oversights.

Quality agencies will also localise your message instead of simply translating it word-for-word, thereby ensuring your brand identity is accurately portrayed to an international audience.

Here at Matinée Multilingual, we have over 30 years of experience in the translation and localisation industry, and can no doubt help you with your next project.

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