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How to maximise content with audio transcription

Make the most of your video content with audio transcription

Whether you’re working on a new marketing campaign or creating educational e-learning content, if you’re working with video, it can be all-consuming. Creating compelling video content using an online video editor takes time, consideration and energy, so it can come as a bit of a shock to discover that your carefully crafted content might not be landing as you want it to.

The Pareto principle can come into play when we think about video content. The concept suggests that 80% of your content metrics will come from 20% of your content. We can all think of the blog that over performed, or the video that far exceeded hopes.

However, there are instances where you need to ensure that your messaging does get through, such as an e-learning video that needs to be properly absorbed. Video and podcasts are tried and tested ways of talking with your audience, but there’s a really simple solution that will ensure your content and messaging reaches everyone that it needs to.

Transcription services

Subtitling servicesWhile creating a transcript is usually for the purpose of adding subtitles to your video, many brands opt to offer the transcript to the video as well.

Extracting content by video and audio transcription means that you can then broadcast your written message across multiple channels. You can transform a powerful video into an insightful podcast, a dynamic blog and a series of Facebook posts, using stills from the video. Think what you could do by capturing an amazing unscripted interview in writing and transforming it into training or a corporate memo. While employers have used these channels to engage with their commercial audiences for many years, many organisations are opting to interact with their staff through superbly created content, including e-learning programmes and employee wellbeing schemes.

You may already have the initial script to hand, but transcripts have a different role to play in the process. Making sure that your moving images and words match up properly is integral to the user experience when they’re watching the video with subtitles, which is done by using a time-coded transcript.

Driving engagement through video transcription

SaaS brand, PLYMedia, has analysed how viewers interact with subtitled video content and discovered that there was a 40% increase in views for captioned videos and an 80% increased likelihood that a viewer will watch a video to the end when subtitles are available – dramatic figures that can be further generated from content that you have already created. Getting viewers to engage initially is only half the battle. ‘Watch time’ is an important YouTube metric, with longer watch times ranking higher on YouTube SERPs and making it more likely that more people will have the opportunity to view your content.

Closed captions, created from audio transcription, make it easier for viewers to engage with your video even if they don’t have access to the audio – which is an important consideration to ensure that your content is accessible for all, including those who are deaf or hard or hearing.

Boost your SEO through transcription

Audio transcriptionAs a transcription agency, Matinée Multilingual is highly skilled at transforming audio and video transcription into a content resource that can be repurposed time and time again to talk to your audience, but your transcripts can also help to propel your SEO performance.

  • Search engine rankings – adding subtitles or uploading a transcript along with your video enables search engines to crawl your content, giving you an opportunity to rank for various keywords included in the transcript.
  • Blog posts – your video transcript can be easily made into a blog post. Ensuring to include keywords, your blog will become searchable. Include a link to your video and you can help to drive your own views up.
  • PDFs – with a few mouse clicks you can turn your transcript into a PDF and upload it to sites, such as Issuu, Scribd or SlideShare, which will generate backlinks to your video and/or blog post.
  • And don’t forget social media channels can be used as a search function too – not only will your posts take users back to your original video content but carefully crafted social media content will make it easier for your content to be seen.

Video SEO – driven by audio transcription

Video SEO is simply an extension of SEO but it is a smart way of marrying great visual content with  your messaging. With Cisco predicting that, by 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be video content, now is the time to get your video content strategy in order. The objective is no longer to simply produce video content, but rather how will you position your video content for maximum exposure?

Video SEO is very similar to more general SEO but there are a few additional steps to work through, and it is important to think about the staging of your video. Video transcription and subsequent closed captions enables Google to scan everything said in your video. This increases your keyword density and lets your video rank for a greater number of relevant terms. Rather than Google crawling your video description, title, and tags, your full video content is available to Google, which drives up views, engagement and search ranking.

But does it work…? A study by Liveclicker undertook a comparison of over 35 webpages before and after adding transcripts. It found that pages with transcripts earned, on average, 16% more revenue than before transcripts were added.

Where do you start?

This is possibly the easiest part of making more of your video content. With over 35 years’ experience in audio and video transcription services, Matinée Multilingual has the expertise to help you make the most of your video content. Whether you need transcription services to add subtitles to your video, for a multilingual voice-over, or you need a transcription for any other purpose, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the team and they’ll talk you through the process and send you a quick quote.