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How to find the right voice for your explainer video

Revised: June 2021

Finding the perfect voice for a video is harder work than you might think, especially if it is for an explainer video that needs to get your message across quickly and effectively. If you have never thought about this before then just consider how important the right voice is for any type of business.

Would you buy a used car from Mr Bean? Would you sign up for an insurance policy from Gollum? Presumably you would realise that it wasn’t a good idea long before he started muttering “We wants insurance. We needs insurance. Must have the precious insurance.”

Yet, the right voice artist can have the opposite effect and will influence and convince potential customers that you are the best choice for them. With aspects like gender, age, and tone to consider, we take a look at what kind of voice you need to find.

The importance of the right voice

Explainer videos are great for communicating information quickly, simply and clearly. With video being one of the most engaging mediums out there, it’s no surprise that explainers are increasingly popular, with audiences more likely to retain information when receiving it in audiovisual form

Choosing the right voice artist, therefore, is absolutely key. So what type of voice do you need?

The authoritative approach

A Groundbreak Productions explainer

Do you need to sound like a confident and authoritative expert in something vitally important like car insurance, banking or cheesy biscuits? The truth is that the voice actor you use will go a long way towards making you sound as though you are the sort of expert that people can put their trust in.

“Send me your money for this new and intangible service from a company you have never heard of” is a message that is very hard to get across. People are naturally wary of new companies and new services, so adding some weight to your video in this way can help to make all the difference.

If you were to watch your own video as a new customer would it be enough to convince you to join up? Try and concentrate on the overall feeling of authority and trustworthiness rather than just listening to the words on their own.

Fun and approachable

Maybe you want to give off a causal, entertaining vibe that lets the world know that you are all about fun, good times and the finer things in life. In this case, the right voice over is likely to be light and easy to relate to, perhaps with a humorous edge and a soupçon of irreverence.

You will probably want this sort of light-hearted approach if you are explaining something that is going to add joy to your customers’ lives. This could include things like holidays, toys and, well, cheesy biscuits again, I suppose.

Think about if the voice actor makes you smile when you hear them talk about your product? If they achieve this then they will have made a terrific start for you on getting people to view you as a friendly and approachable brand that is almost like an old friend.

The natural approach

Another point to bear in mind is over how natural you need it all to sound. Do you want your viewers to see this as another customer telling them about their own experiences or a member of staff giving them the inside view? These could be more convincing ways of getting the message across.

This is why regional British accents are now highly sought after, as they are seen as being easier for people to relate to. If you want to appeal to people from a certain part of the country then it definitely makes sense to speak to them in a voice that sounds natural and normal to their ears.

Of course, the best voice actors are highly versatile and can be trusted to find the right tone for whatever you want from them. However, by putting some thought into it, you can let them know what you are after and how you would like them to approach the job.

A highly recognisable voice or not?

Whether or not the voice is easily recognisable to the general public will also have a big effect on how people view it. There’s a lot to be said by the power of celebrity influence and being told how to order your monthly make up goodie box by Cara Delevingne or how to use your cinema app by Brad Pitt can make your brand explode.

When using celebrities with smiles so bright that they could melt snow the brand becomes instantly associated with their persona, status and also every action that they take (good or bad).

The use of a voice that everyone recognises right away can be a dangerous game. For every person that says, “Oh, I love this guy” there could be someone else who says “Not that creep again”.

In addition, you may be less than surprised to discover that people with highly recognisable voices don’t tend to offer their services for bargain prices. World famous stars like Brad and Cara would probably charge you the equivalent of the GDP of Tuvalu just to say “We know you like cheesy biscuits…

Warm and friendly

This explainer video shows how a friendly and enthusiastic voice can help clarify the message in a positive manner. The warmth and the friendliness of the voice actor’s tone makes it that much more pleasurable to listen to.

Narrated by Matinée Multilingual voice actor

Try and imagine this with a colder or less enthusiastic voice and you will see that the video would have far less of an impact. It is the actor’s voice that brings the offer to life and gets us feeling that, hey, getting some coffee sent to us regularly would actually be a pretty delicious idea after all.

There is no hard-sell and nothing fancy in the words he uses. It’s just a straightforward explanation of the company’s offers from someone who sounds as though he genuinely enjoys his coffee and would like us to settle down with a great cup every day too.

A professional approach

Finally, let’s not forget that it isn’t just about the voice alone. You should also consider that by going with a voice over agency you will get a project manager and sound engineers who will clean and edit the file until it sparkles.

This will give the voice actors a chance to truly shine. Rather than hiring a freelancer who just does the basics you will get the full service, allowing you to settle back and enjoy the results with a smile on your face.

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