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The increased demand for e-learning voiceovers

In our increasingly-digital world, there’s one thing we definitely can’t live without: e-learning content. Thanks to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, we’ve had to adapt to a new way of living, which includes a new way of learning.

As Covid spread, the world had no choice but to become more and more distanced, making teaching, training, and learning more difficult than ever. Step up, e-learning. A fusion of technology and subject matter, this electronic form of learning helps people of all ages to stay informed and educated, no matter where they are in the world.

E-learning is not a new phenomenon – it has been around long before the pandemic started. But, thanks to Covid, we’re more reliant on it than ever, leading to a huge surge in demand for this kind of content.

So, just how important is e-learning, and what kind of thing is it used for? And, as a voiceover agency, we can’t ignore the effect an engaging narrator can have on the course as a whole. We take a look at how the demand for e-learning, and the voiceovers that accompany it, has skyrocketed.

A brief history of e-learning platforms

Looking back to the pre-pandemic world (seems crazy, I know), e-learning courses were already playing a significant role in our lives. Over the last decade, online learning has shown major growth, giving people the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own homes.

The first example that jumps to everyone’s mind may be the use of e-learning courses in schools and universities. A worthy and important example for sure, but definitely not the only one. Online learning programmes can also be used for specialised training programmes for employees in niche trades, as well as to help staff members keep up to date with things like health and safety training whilst working from home.

In both the education and corporate sectors, online learning tools are adopted to improve the engagement and learning experience of students and employees alike. Thanks to the advancement of digital technologies, it’s no longer completely necessary to sit in a classroom to learn. We can open our laptops at our own convenience and learn a new skill, or ensure that we’re up to date with our work training.

Ensuring that e-learning courses are professional and engaging is key in making them as effective as possible.

The effect of Covid-19

So, although e-learning content has been around for over a decade, the pandemic has forced it to take a more centric role in people’s lives. As businesses and schools closed their doors, employees and students turned to remote working, where e-learning becomes essential to stay well-trained and educated.

At the height of the pandemic, there were more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries affected by school closures. Crazy numbers, right? It’s clear to see that, without online learning, children’s education would have been massively disrupted (even more so than it was).

With employees also needing to keep up with their personal development and training, whether it’s virtual tutoring or online learning software, e-learning has been, and continues to be, a key player in this pandemic.

Aside from the purely educational and corporate points of view, e-learning is also important for other things. When the pandemic hit and we were forced to stay inside, huge numbers of us turned to one thing to keep us entertained: learning.

In April 2020, Google searches for terms like “online courses” reached a historic high. As well as this, research found that nearly a quarter of adults surveyed had taken on additional learning opportunities during lockdown. Not to mention the fact that, in the weeks following the announcement that Covid-19 had become a global pandemic, a staggering 30 million people downloaded language-learning app Duolingo.

Clearly, the pandemic helped fuel a hunger for knowledge like never before. And the best way to feed this hunger whilst stuck at home? E-learning.

For the purpose of comparison, let’s take a look at the size of the e-learning market back in 2019, when the word ‘Covid’ was not part of our day-to-day vocabulary. The global market was sized at approximately 101 billion US dollars, and now it’s expected to top 370 billion in the coming years, showing a huge amount of growth thanks to our changing world.  

In such a rapidly-changing society, e-learning courses are of paramount importance in helping to ensure that we’re learning valuable skills and not being left behind. Combine this with the way these courses increase information retention, and the sheer convenience of them, and it’s clear to see that e-learning content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Matinée and the e-learning world

Clearly, e-learning courses are the future, and absolutely vital in the world of education and training. But how can Language Service Providers (LSPs), like Matinée, help make them even better?

Some platforms used for creating e-learning courses, like Storyline 360, have a text-to-speech function, so learners can choose to listen to the information rather than read it. Definitely a helpful function, but LSPs like Matinée can re-voice these segments with the use of an engaging voiceover artist, helping to make the course more user-friendly and accessible.

As well as this, we can take the original e-learning course and localise it into a wide range of different languages, helping to provide global training and making learning more accessible for people all around the world through translation.

Lastly, a vital factor that cannot be overlooked is the choice of narrator. An e-learning course must both teach its students and capture their attention, and this simply cannot be done without the use of an expert, engaging voiceover artist. Choosing the correct voice artist to bring your e-learning content to life is a crucial factor.

Here at Matinée, we have over thirty years’ experience in the voiceover and translation industries. Within our vast database of talented voice actors, we have a range of artists who specialise in e-learning, with the required skills to deliver your information in a clear, professional, and engaging way.

Our expert team also specialise in the translation and localisation of video content, helping to make your e-learning course appropriate and accessible for audiences around the world.

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