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Covid-19 and the need for medical explainer videos

It’s fair to say that, over the past 15 months, Covid-19 has had an impact on pretty much every aspect of our lives. Perhaps an aspect that gets forgotten is the voiceover industry, and the way in which the pandemic has affected it.

Since March 2020, we’ve seen an increased demand for voiceovers for medical explainer videos. Not only have our voice artists been recording instructions for medical professionals, like how to administer a vaccine or specific medication, we’ve also had requests for some IVR (Interactive Voice Response) recordings of automated Covid messages.

All of this got us thinking more about how the pandemic has increased the demand for medical voiceovers, especially for explainers, and why this type of content is more important than ever.

What are explainers?

It’s no secret that videos are a great way of sharing information, earning their title as one of the most engaging mediums out there. In fact, video content gets 1,200% more shares online than text and images combined.

Thanks to the power of video, explainers have become a great way of communicating information quickly, simply, and clearly. Not only are videos engaging, but they also connect our visual and aural senses, helping explainers to increase retention rate and clarify their message in an easy to understand way.

Not only this, but explainers can be produced without breaking the bank. If there’s no live action involved, the main elements are on-screen graphics/text, music, and a voiceover.

Considering their cost-effective nature and ability to communicate key information clearly, it’s not surprising that explainers have become a popular way to share important data and material, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Medical and pharmaceutical explainers

Medical voiceovers are an important genre within the industry, providing an efficient way to educate, and to share instructions and information to a wide range of people who provide care for others. It is crucial for all manner of workers, from doctors, to pharmacists, to students.

Not only are medical explainers great for communicating information amongst medical professionals, they’re also invaluable when it comes to breaking the communication barrier between these professionals and patients. Videos like these can help provide important public health information in an easy to understand way, and professional translation services can help target and inform even wider audiences.

With data visualisation and illustrations of complex topics, alongside the potential to translate this into any number of languages, explainers have become invaluable to the medical industry, ensuring that patients, doctors, and students all receive clear, top quality instructions and information.

Covid-19 and the increased need for medical voiceovers

With the unprecedented nature of a global pandemic, it became more important than ever for health information to be communicated to an increasingly global audience.

As the public became more reliant on the health industry and the information they supplied, text based messaging had to be supplemented with powerful video content. This is because people are only able to retain 10% of the information presented to them just using words, so animated explainers helped bridge this gap and reinforce important messages and instructions.

Before the pandemic hit, the types of medical narration could be divided into two simple categories: you’re explaining a new drug or product to a patient, or you’re giving information to a physician or someone else in the field.

Although many Covid-19 explainers fit into these categories, offering training for health professionals on how to treat patients suffering with the virus, or sharing visualised information for the public on how the virus spreads, a lot of content went further with what they were explaining.

Moving on from explainers that focused on Covid-19 symptoms and its spread, Digital MEdIC from Stanford Medicine begun addressing the need for recognition of mental health concerns. With so much focus on the virus itself, the mental health effects of isolation and lockdown may have been overlooked, with notable increases in “depression, substance abuse, and domestic violence”.

This highlights an important shift in the role of medical explainers, stepping away from solely focusing on the main subject of the virus, also ensuring that other effects are brought to light as well.

Another key benefit of explainers when it comes to Covid-19 is their ability to keep viewers socially distanced. Instead of having to physically visit a doctor’s surgery for advice, audiences can use their mobile phone to receive information, with the simplistic, animated characters appealing to audiences of various ethnicities and nationalities.

The very nature of videos mean they’re readily accessible and easily distributed online, and the animated style typical of explainers helps achieve an emotional connection that simple words on a page may not, leading to higher levels of information retention.  

Looking ahead

Now we’re hopefully looking forward to a bit of light and normality at the end of the (very long) Covid-19 tunnel, this isn’t to say that we’ve seen the end of virus-related explainer videos.

As this type of content has cemented a strong place in society, having helped to communicate vital information and instructions throughout the entire pandemic, we’re sure that you can expect to continue receiving information in this way.

With some companies beginning to use explainers to explain their social distancing rules as the world opens back up, it’s clear to see that explainer videos played, and will continue to play, an important role in helping us get to grips with Covid-19 and all the rules that come with it.

Here at Matinée Multilingual, we have over 30 years’ experience of working in the voiceover industry, providing professional and clear voices for all the global leading medical brands. We’ve cemented our expertise as the preferred supplier to many of those producing medical explainers, and will no doubt be able to help you pick the best voice artist to narrate your next explainer video.

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