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Animal Noises Around The World

Animal noises around the world

Have you ever wondered what cows sound like in French or what owls would say in Korean? Okay, maybe you haven’t specifically thought about it but I bet you are darn curious now!

Check out some of these nifty illustrations based on animal noises around the world that James Chapman from Manchester designed.

1. Mooing or Buu-ing?

How cows moo in other languages

2. Dubbing dogs dropping some dope beats

How dogs woof in other languages

3. Elephants emitting exquisite emotion

Elephant noises around the world

4. It’s an owl orchestra over here

Owl noises around the world

5. Parlez vous pig patter

How pigs oink in other languages

6. Cutting over to the cat commentary club

Cat noises around the world

Well done to this creative genius – we can’t get enough of these extremely cute graphics!

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