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The power of animated explainer videos to capture audience’s attention

Simple slideshow explainers can be an effective way to convey information to your audience, but they can lack any real personality. Using animation for your explainer videos is a much more forward-thinking, effective option if you truly want to make an impact and capture your audience’s attention.

Animated explainer videos have many uses such as:

  • training materials
  • product information
  • process documentation
  • corporate messages
  • guides and instruction manuals

If you’re unsure why you should use an animated explainer, and not just text or images, it’s all about giving your audience a reason to stick around. Statistics tell us that the average person will spend about 2 minutes visiting a website, and the best viewer engagement comes from videos under 5 minutes long. That is assuming your content is engaging enough to hold the viewer’s attention for 2 minutes or more, which is why animation is an important distinguishing feature. It can increase the likelihood of capturing your audience’s attention, and keeping them around for longer; making them much more likely to convert into a customer.

Video is important now and for the future

Video is a top priority for most marketers because it can do so much more to engage audiences than words or images alone. Let’s take a look at some statistics that support the use of video as a powerful marketing strategy:

  • Mobile video consumption increases by 100% annually
  • 54% of marketers want to produce more video content
  • Video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic by 2021
  • Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined
  • 80% of marketers confirmed that video helped increase sales
  • 95% of marketers say video has helped buyers better understand their products and services

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Video is also much more effective at getting your message across to your audience. Naturally, as humans, our eyes are attracted to things that move, so a video is more likely to grab our attention compared to a picture or text. Our brain is also more likely to process the visuals of a video compared to text; and we can process visuals over 60,000 times faster than text. Simply put, we are better as humans at understanding visual content compared to text.

These statistics suggest there really is every reason for your business to utilise animated video explainers instead of simple text or imagery.

Maximise the impact of your animated explainer videos

Businesses that want to maximise the impact of their information are able to take animated explainer videos and use them in a wide variety of ways. From social media, to landing pages and newsletters, explainer videos can work well in many applications. Adding foreign language voice overs or video subtitles can ensure your content is even more effective in reaching worldwide audiences.

With the right content and design, videos are eagerly embraced by audiences of all ages and in all industries – boosting the chances of your message being successfully received. It’s a good idea to use a professional voice over service or subtitling company if you do choose to make the video accessible for worldwide audiences.

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