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Effective e-learning narration

The importance of expert narration for e-learning videos

Find out how your e-learning project can benefit from professional voice actors providing expert narration.

For an e-learning programme to be effective there are multiple parts which all have to integrate seamlessly to create a successful end result. To be successful, learners have to understand the message, but they also have to pay attention to the content being delivered. That is the only way true learning and information retention can occur, when learners are fully committed to absorbing the course content.

In order for an e-learning video to be a success, there are multiple aspects to consider. From the script and the imagery, to the layout and scene order. Whilst all of these are important factors, another vital aspect to consider is the choice of voiceover. Choosing the wrong voice could lose the viewers’ attention, and ultimately impact the overall success of the e-learning project.

Even if all the other elements are highly professional, failing to invest in expert narration from a professional voice actor could let the whole e-learning programme down. It could result in a lack of engagement from the audience, and a failure to deliver the organisational benefits intended.

The benefits of using a professional voiceover agency for e-learning projects

Most businesses don’t have an array of professional voice talent within their workforce, which means that most companies can benefit from professional narration for their e-learning programmes. There are also other benefits to using a voice agency to ensure an expert finish for their project, including:

  • Professional recording studio with support from experienced sound engineers
  • Access to a wide range of voice actors so you can find the right one to suit your project
  • Experienced voice talent with the ability to bring your script to life and retain viewers interest
  • Experienced voice actors able to perform in a way that drives your specific message home to your audience
  • Full audio editing to ensure the audio output is high quality
  • Speedy turnaround times
  • Investment in the latest technologies and equipment

But perhaps the most important factor is the support you will receive from a professional voice over agency such as Matinée. Our experienced project managers will help you to find the right voice for your project, with access to professional voice actors of every accent, age, gender, performance type, language, and voice quality you can think of.

What’s next?

If you are looking to invest in the professional production of your e-learning programmes, the next step is finding the right voice over agency to take your content from just OK to impactful, memorable and valuable.

Matinée Multilingual has 30+ years of experience, two recording studios with BBC quality acoustics, expert sound technicians, and a bank of voice actors for you to choose from. We provide you with transparent costing for the entire project so you know exactly how the investment will work with your budget.

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