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Team Highlights

Matinée team highlights from 2016

Before the year draws to an end and we get a little bit too excited about enjoying our well deserved time off at Christmas, we think it’s good practice to reflect on the past year.

A lot of interesting and crazy things have happened this year, and not only to Matinée – although it certainly has been eventful around here – but to Britain and countries around the globe. However, we are not here to talk about world matters today but to have some fun and give you a sneak peak into our lots’ top memories of 2016!

So before you get the mulled wine out & the Christmas PJs on have a little nosey into the best bits from our team’s year.

Top effort from all the Matinée staff – it’s been real.

Olivia-ScotlandOlivia Job – Account Manager

In September 2016 we launched the French version of the Matinée website – I now speak French every day at work which is definitely something new for me. The localisation of the website is a great opportunity to expand and enter the French voice over and subtitling market.Alistair

Alistair Langfield –  Director of Sales & Marketing

Starting the new Voice Over Workshop this year was super exciting and it’ll be a nice way to generate some positive PR for Matinée in the future.

linkedin-photo-jadeJade Robertson – Marketing Assistant

I started working for Matinée in February this year. I’m really lucky as I’m given the flexibility to create exciting marketing campaigns. My highlight would be launching our Wimbledon infographic and quiz. I had lots of fun and was involved in the full process from the initial ideas, to writing the content and promoting it digitally.sophie

Sophie Blythe – Admin/Production Support

The most memorable event was seeing our subtitles on the M&S Alexa Chung video on Facebook. I timecoded and transcribed the audio to be translated into 5 languages and encoded approval videos – to see the final English video on social media with over 300k views was pretty cool!

bowlingBen Tuck – Sound Engineer

My best memory from Matinée 2016 would be our staff bowling and laser quest night. Had a really good time outside of work with everyone here in the Reading office and we all had a good laugh during laser quest as we happened to be versing some local boy scouts.

Adam Barraud-Rahman –  Sound Engineeradam_pool

French voice artist Patrick read a Medical script for a company called Prescript. What made this such a highlight for me was that just the previous year, Patrick came in to record his first showreel with us! At the time, I was blown away by his tone of voice and could hear great potential. He delivered a very complex script with ease.

By the end of the session the client was overjoyed with the results. It has been a pleasure watching Patrick grow with experience as a professional voice artist from last year and the improvements he has made in his technical ability are very impressive.

SiphoSipho Mphande – Receptionist/Admin Support

Sitting in on my first voice over session when I started at Matinée a few months ago.Claire was recording for Vtech and it was really cool. I couldn’t see into the booth and the voice that was coming out of the speakers didn’t match the face of the woman that I saw walk in. That kinda blew my mind!

Glyn Davies –  Product Development, Training & Supportname-that-grunt

I am really pleased with the “Name that Grunt” quiz for Wimbledon as I coded it in JavaScript to give the user a score that they could post to Twitter or Facebook. I also did some work on the Voice Artists database to help the team with locating voice artists.

john bJohn Burke – Account Manager

One of my highlights for 2016 is working with the Scotch Whisky Experience to deliver foreign versions of their audio guides in 17 languages. Although we have worked with a number of companies in the past providing high quality Scottish voice-overs, it’s really nice to know that Matinée will be part of a major Scottish tourist attraction in the heart of Edinburgh.

Tom Ounsley – Sound Engineertom

The ‘summer’ BBQ that Matinée held was awesome! A few of us hung around to play games in the kitchen with a few drinks, that was a good laugh. I’ve also enjoyed having more opportunities to use and develop my animation skills this year, it has been a great bonus.

gameoverAlinane Kalonga – Talent Coordinator 

We were chosen to cast for a popular video game earlier in the year. It was  a lot of fun as our voice actors got very excited as they got to showcase their talent and capabilities from voicing for multiple roles, different characters such as child voices, impressions to singing and in a variety of accents.

Jon Harman – IT Managerraggy

Finally getting the approval of a 7 year old. I only had to adopt a 3 legged cat called Raggy.

christmas-decorationsSally Andrews & Victoria Andrews – Project Managers

In the essence of team spirit, the most memorable event for us of the year is getting ready for Christmas.  We have great fun decorating the office and studios. Our voice talents and clients enjoy getting into the Christmas spirit with us and reflecting on the year.

Chris Broderick – CEOchris tarrant

It was an honour having Chris Tarrant in earlier this year to record a voice over for his own charity.

potteryShauna Charron – Project Manager

I volunteer as a ceramics teacher’s assistant helping with the new students each term. I offer support, guidance and encouragement to help them develop their skills and confidence in ceramics and pottery work. It’s very rewarding to help these lovely people who benefit from my experience and I love to see them grow and develop.olga

Nicole Noack – Finance & Office Manager 

Managing to find and employee the best finance assistant ever aka Olga. She also knows how to get the best conga line going – available to hire for a ridiculous fee.

So there you have it – all our highlights from 2016, we’ve smashed it. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the gang at the best voice over agency in the UK – if you’ve got it flaunt it? Get the trumpets out and bring on 2017!