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Matinée Multilingual gives comment on which accent Las Vegas women find most attractive

Earlier this month, Matinée Multilingual was asked to give comment on the findings of a survey carried out by Magical Vegas to determine which accent Las Vegas women find most attractive. Unsurprisingly, Vegas women find the English accent to be the most alluring, with 41.4% of those surveyed giving this as their answer with French a distant second with just 17.3% of the votes.

It was assumed, when compiling the results, that the favoured accent is RP (Received Pronunciation) given that this is what Americans typically think of as an ‘English’ accent, however it could well be the case that a regional accent is actually preferred. Who knows? Maybe that should be the subject for the next survey…

When the data collected is filtered down a little further, it can clearly be seen that the wealthiest amongst the Las Vegas population all favour English accents, with 100% from the ‘extremely wealthy’ breakdown agreeing. The upper-middle class saw a three-way tie between English, French and Scottish and, once again, the three lower-income brackets saw a clear win for English.

When asked to give comment on the findings, Matinée stated, “Aside from the fact that there’s a known stereotype in America that a British accent is loved by many, and can make you irresistible to the opposite sex, it’s also often associated with intelligence, education and history. This is likely to stem from The Royal Family, Shakespearean Actors as well from top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.”

The full comment along with the results from this study can be seen in their entirety over at Magical Vegas.

We certainly feel proud that the Las Vegas community has voted the English accent the most attractive but have to wonder how many other countries, and indeed states in America, would vote the same?