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Beginner voice over actor

“I want to become a voice over actor” starter pack

The art of voice acting is a skill honed over many years of dedicated practice. Yet the level of success you can achieve with a career in voice over is more complex than just what you sound like. A large proportion of your success is determined by your mindset. Our voice over workshop ensures you have a sound understanding of the vocal and business needs so you have the right resources to spot an opportunity when it arises.

When most people think of ‘voice acting’ they tend to think of only one or two types of jobs but there is a lot more variety than first meets the eye. Right now, we know voice actors that are doing everything from: dubbing advertisements for a new app; recording messages for a telephone banking system; narrating a wildlife documentary; and voicing a lead character for an indie video game, and all before lunch!

If you’re eager to learn more about being a voice actor, we’ve created a starter pack for all those new to the industry. Whether you’re serious about a full-time career in voice over, or just in it for fun, answers abound within…

First things first, follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Do your research

Talk to other voice actors to find out more about how things work, what kind of work they do and decide if you’d like to specialise on a specific style. Also find out where your local voice studios are and ask them what’s in demand. It’s definitely more realistic to travel for work whilst you’re getting started than to invest in a home studio.

Step 2: Voice over training

That wonderful voice you have may sound exceptionally delicious, but it needs to be directed to match industry standards. Every professional voice actor has had regular training or guidance of some sort. Many of the best voice actors learned their craft studying drama at University, but it’s easy to do yourself or with a coach. If you’ve got a niche e.g. an accent or can speak a foreign language then a lot of courses will accommodate to that too.

Step 3: Voice over showreel

After all the hard work and effort you’ve devoted to training the next step is to show off your skills and prove to everyone else that you know exactly what you’re doing. A showreel is super important. It’s your shop window, prize possession, money maker and first impression all in one recording so make sure you don’t skimp on this.

Do you want to become a voice over actor?

How Matinée can help

The main difference between the Voice Over Workshop and the Voice Over Showreel services, is that the workshop is a training course for learning all about voice over work. The showreel would be for those who know how to use their voice already and want to record a professional demo to send to clients and agencies.

The Matinée voice over workshop

As an established voice over studio we know exactly what a client wants and expect from professional voice talents. With that in mind, we have designed a bespoke voice over training course aimed at beginners and veterans alike, to learn all about the industry. For beginners it gives you the chance to get behind the mic to trial run some real life scripts with the help and guidance of experienced industry members. And for veterans we can offer detailed advice to better market yourself and get more work.

Who is the VOW for?

The course is especially great for beginners but we have had experienced voice talents come to the workshop and learn valuable lessons and tips on gaining more work from André (our experienced voice over trainer).

Having a second language definitely comes in handy in the voice over world so we welcome foreign language speakers to join our workshop. Matinée will source scripts for you to read on the day in the desired language.

Matinée voice over training course July 2017
Matinée Voice Over Workshop – July 2017

What can I learn from the VOW?

You’ll have the opportunity to learn different voice over techniques and reading styles. You are also supplied with information about next steps and how to progress your career. You will be given plenty of direction and support from André and also one of our audio engineers during the recording session. It’s also a great way to meet people with similar interests in a relaxed environment.

How will it help me?

In the all-day session, students will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss experiences, explore opportunities and utilise the time they have with André. He’s great at picking out unique abilities, fine tuning talent and engaging people with character voices.

Unlike other Voice Over Workshops we include a mini showreel edited to industry standards by our on-site engineer for participants to take home.

James is a great example of a complete novice voice that did very well in the workshop in June. He has a lovely enthusiastic voice and is Reading based so we’ve even added him to our database for future work.

We can never guarantee that a voice talent will be put on our database after attending the workshop but being able to record in our studios certainly does have its advantages.

The Voice Over Worskhop is priced at £195.

The Voice Over Showreel 

Our position in the industry means that we know what works best in terms of a voice over showreel. Your showreel is ultimately the most important thing you have to sell yourself. After spending time, money and effort to perfect your voice it’s in this demo that will make or break it for you in business. The showreel should quickly demonstrate your ability and range to give the client the up-most confidence in you.

In our Voice Over Showreel service the talent will go straight into the studio to record for either 1 hour or 2 hours with very minimal interaction and direction from the engineer. This is flexible as we can book the VOS on any weekday, plus we can make it a personalised service for those that know the material they want to record e.g. corporate material, or from a selection of scripts.

Most professional voice actors update their voice over showreels from time to time. A refresher is best advised once every two to three years or every time there is a noticeable change in the style, voice, accent or work preference.

We offer two separate services for our Voice Over Showreels. The two packages are mentioned below.

Black and white microphone if you want to become a voice over actor

Voice Over Showreel – Audition Package

This showreel is designed for people at the beginner – intermediate level who know how to use their voice and are ready to start actively promoting themselves.

This is the best value for money service. We recommend this to those that perhaps have some voice over experience but do not have any current demos.  For this package, you record 4 scripts, which the engineers will clean and edit within the provided 1 hour session.

We would then send you the demos at the end of the day in a downloadable link. An example of someone that used this package is David L. He is actually a professional voice talent and actor, but he didn’t have any demos or access to a studio.

This service is priced at £100.

Voice Over Showreel – Pro Package

This is the best package for those looking to take their voice over career more seriously. This showreel is designed for people at the intermediate – advanced level. It’s very popular with experienced voice over actors but can be recommended to beginners in certain circumstances.

However, beginners would have to be able to read a lot of scripts, up to 6 different scripts in a short space of time (2 hours total). The engineer also has to edit, master and mix music into a show reel. The post production is time consuming, so beginners may find this daunting and perhaps rushed to record the scripts.

The engineers will also be providing minimal direction as this is treated as a real project where you would go straight into the studio and record all the material with very few breaks in-between. Andrew G recorded a pro package as he’s cast as a villain in a lot of voice over roles and wanted to produce a character specific showreel.

This service is priced at £250.

So there you have a Matinée specific essential guide for beginners looking to get started in the voice over industry. If you have any questions, please drop us an email at or DM us on our Facebook page.