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French subtitles – why use them on corporate videos?

Discover the benefits of using French subtitles on corporate videos, and how to make sure your business videos contain professional subtitling.

Video is highly effective for storytelling, exposure and advertising. People find videos more memorable than the written word and it is more in demand by consumers than ever before. For that reason alone, video creation and use should be a priority within every company, small or large.

But just how can your videos be more effective? Would you like to extend their reach within your company and beyond?

Expanding the reach of your video content further by adding professional video subtitling has several benefits including:

  • Increasing conversions and sales
  • Helping develop trust from customers who can access your videos more easily
  • Boosting your brand because of appreciation of your efforts to provide accessible content
  • Social sharing and engagement can be improved
  • Enabling bilingual employees to understand corporate videos better
  • Enabling employees in overseas branches to access video content
  • Hard of hearing employees and customers can access your video content
  • Enabling viewers to watch without sound by including subtitles in the original spoken language.
  • Video content becomes more streamlined, delivering the same message to everyone, everywhere

Subtitling can be beneficial in a variety of video content, from health and safety training videos, to sales content, as well as promotional pieces for social media. In an ideal world, any video content with spoken word and audio should be subtitled into the languages that matter most to your business. This ensures it is accessible to your chosen markets.

Every company that wants to future-proof their business should be investing not only in video content, but in professional subtitling. Subtitles ensure the maximum efficiency and reach for video creations.

Why French subtitles?

If you’re unsure which languages to include for corporate video subtitling, it’s worth considering French as a priority. French is one of the official EU languages and is spoken by 64 million people worldwide. It is the official language of 28 countries in addition to France itself. French is spoken within Europe in Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco & Switzerland. And further afield, amongst others, in Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Senegal and the Seychelles.

French is the only language used for deliberations at the Court of Justice for the EU. Subtitles in French are perfect to extend corporate video reach, and potentially increase customer acquisition and trade in a broader area.

French is also one of the recognised working languages of the United Nations.

The importance of professional subtitles

French subtitles are an investment for all types of corporate videos so it’s essential to use a professional company to ensure a high-quality subtitling service. Automatic translation and online software services are unlikely to produce the level of professionalism required for business use. Translation can go wrong, producing nonsensical results and your corporate video may look unprofessional as a result.

Instead, using a professional service to produce accurate and perfectly-synchronised subtitles guarantees the addition of French subtitles will actually add, not detract, from the effectiveness of your video.

The results of adding quality subtitling to your corporate videos could be extremely valuable. Internally the corporation will benefit, and reaching out to your potential customer base.

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