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Translation Quality Assuran

Everything you need to know about Translation Quality Assurance

Language is incredibly subjective and every individual has their own unique understanding of how we describe the world around us.

Even in the same language, the way we use and perceive a single word can vary from person to person, so you can imagine how translating between two different languages can be fraught with difficulties.  What one translator thinks is perfect, another may dismiss as “too literal”. 

Translation is not an exact science, particularly when it involves translating voice-over scripts and subtitling documents – each with their own technical and stylistic challenges.

Why is Translation Quality Assurance important?

Our Quality Assurance guarantees two things.  Firstly, you know exactly what level of accuracy to expect and, secondly, you can be sure to get a consistent quality, every time and across many different languages. This is important because the translations will define your voice and how people in other markets perceive your messages.

Three levels of Quality Assurance

Here at Matinée we offer three levels of Translation Quality Assurance.  We want to give our customers ultimate flexibility and there’s nothing complicated about these three options.  It’s a simple question of how much assurance you require.

a) No review

The no review option means we produce the translation without any proof-reading or editing. Essentially, your translation will be handled by a single expert and you will take full responsibility for the review, final approval and any editing. This option is fine if you are comfortable with taking control over the final stages of translation.  Some customers who choose this option will completely re-write the translations, just using the no review translation as a reference.

b) 1-step review

With our 1-step review, your translation is proof-read by a second linguist to correct any errors and review the overall style of the material. We will also compare the translations with translation memories, glossaries and reference samples.  While you still take responsibility for the final edit and review process, this option offers a much higher standard of quality than no review. Aside from error-free material, having two experts work on your translation means you will have two sets of eyes reviewing the style of the translations, to ensure it matches the tone of the original text as closely as possible.

c) 2-step review

Our 2-step service is ideal if you don’t want any responsibility for proof-reading or editing the translations. With this option, our translation is considered correct & final, guaranteeing a highly accurate and error free translation. We will also hire a third senior linguist to oversee the final review stages, and you get back the complete material, ready for publication.

The right level of service for you

If you’re translating material for use in the public domain, then you really can’t afford anything less than a 2-step review. Your image is everything, and shaping the right voice in another language is essential if you want to communicate your messages clearly or expand into foreign speaking markets. Furthermore, if you have previous translations, translation memories or glossaries that you can provide to our team, this will improve the quality.

Your account manager will be delighted to discuss the appropriate level of service for your needs.

Our terms & conditions also provide more information about what to expect for each level of service.