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Did you forget your audio branding?

Revised: June 2021

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into growing your brand image but how does your caller experience affect how you are perceived?

What is audio branding?

Someone once told me that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

You’ve put in a lot of effort to establish who you are as a brand. You’ve invested in staff; created an awesome website; produced explainer videos; rolled out a social media onslaught; and even have swanky business cards and brochures. Did you forget about your audio branding?

From the first moment a customer phones your business you need to create the right impression. After all, your well-developed sales and marketing funnel has led the customer to the point of contact.

But what happens after they dial?

If they hear anything from silence to beeps, cheesy music or the unprofessional voice of ‘Gary’ in IT then you’re in for a shock. An immense 83% of customers said they would avoid a company after a poor experience with their automated answering machine.

Instead you need a professionally scripted and premium quality audio production. With audio branding you will engage with customers and build brand loyalty.

For example: telephone marketing messages voiced by professional voice talent and mixed with captivating music can deliver something personalised, special and targeted to your audience.

Top 3 audio branding services

On hold marketing messages

While your customers are on hold you have an opportunity to deliver marketing messages. These messages can include information such as opening hours, website details, product launches or current promotion. The perception of wait time will be a lot less rather than holding in silence.

On Hold Marketing Demo     

Out of hours message

If a customer calls your business out of hours what do you want them to hear? Provide relevant and useful information to them after hours while maintaining your brand presence and reducing lost sales.

Out of Hours Demo     

Interactive voice recognition (IVR)

Create a series of voice prompt messages using voice actors of your own choice to guide callers through a phone menu. This call route system will lead them to the required information or specific departments.

Interactive Voice Recognition Demo     

Why is audio branding important?

Audio branding helps to build an impression of your business in the mind of the caller. Audio and music together can be used to create certain emotions or feelings within the customer. Creating the right emotion and tone is key to motivating a customer, allowing them to feel more comfortable with your company.

One of the benefits of keeping your sound consistent with your brand’s personality is that customers will instantly recognise you across a multitude of mediums.

When it comes to branding make sure you cover all the senses; what your customers can see, feel, touch, taste and hear.

As humans, we have a strong cognitive connection between memory and sound, meaning that the right sound can change how we feel and inspire action. In fact, the power of sound is so great that a study found that the use of it can help consumers positively differentiate between products and services. 

With effective audio branding, your company can create customer preference and build trust. 

Testimonials from clients

I’ve used Matinée for many years and always find them very professional. I have, over time, compared them with other companies just to check they are still offering value for money. They still come out the cheapest. They are so good to deal with and always respond very quickly to my enquiries. I urge you to use them!

Lucy Critchlow, Producer – Dependable Productions

We have been using Matinée for all of our voice recordings and demo work for many years. We also recommend them to our clients. A reliable quality process is one of the key aspects for voice recordings because (whether we like it or not) recordings are usually done under time pressure.

Klaus Failenschmid, Speech Solutions Manager – Sabio

We have never had quality problems with deliveries from Matinée even when recording thousands of announcements. The turnaround time is also always very good and everyone at Matinee is trying really hard to accommodate the challenges we as a client “throw at them”.

Des McNally, Multimedia Vendor Consultant – Lionbridge