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Voice Over Training Coach - André

The ultimate revelation of André Mouradian – our voice over training coach

André Mouradian is a voice artist/singer/actor/presenter and voice over tutor. As you can see there’s a bundle of talent in there so we could just say he is a magical man full of artistic charm – we like to make him blush.

But how did he find all these creative abilities – or rather, where did they find him? We all wanted to know more about André, so enjoy this sneak preview into his life with this Q&A session.

Hey André! So let’s start with how you first got into voice acting?Voice Over Training Coach

I actually took a training course at Capital Radio. Having acted on stage and on TV for a while, it seemed like a natural step. I saw the course advertised, and here I am still voicing!

And doing a fine job at that! What’s been your favourite voice over project to date?

That’s a tough one to answer as I generally enjoy every voice job I get, but I did enjoy recording a line as Bob the Builder for a computer game. Also being involved in English as a foreign language recordings as I had to do so many accents and different styles within one job. Very challenging.

How do you know if you’ve got a voice for voice over work?

Oddly enough, it’s actually not about your voice particularly. I know that may sound strange! It helps if you have nice velvety tones obviously, but it is more about how you read a script and how you work with producers. They can be very precious about their scripts (and so they should be), so it is sounding like the greatest expert on that particular subject or sounding like you love a product you are selling. I mean, Ray Winstone hasn’t got the prettiest voice in the world, but he gets tons of work!!

Tell us a #MatinéeFunFact?

I got down to the last handful of people to be the new voice of Apple Siri a couple of years ago out of hundreds and hundreds. I didn’t get it but it was still fun getting that close!

Also, I do own more than one shirt – I swear.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Listen to the producer and (an actor’s thing here), find the truth in what you are reading.

What advice would you give to a younger ‘you’?

Don’t take knock backs too hard and don’t let refusals put you down. It is part and parcel of this industry. Keep trying harder to get better and have a thick skin.

Wise words! How do you kick back and relax?

I watch movies and far too much television, cook, read and my big passion is skiing. You’ll also catch me singing, i’m a lead singer in a band called The MonteursAndré band

What do you love most about teaching in the Matinée Voice Over Workshop?

Finding things in people that they maybe didn’t know they could do and encouraging them to keep going, often in a different direction to what they thought. And the enthusiasm of the attendees. It is so refreshing and fun!

Who is the workshop for?

Anybody that knows how to read, and in any language. We have had foreign students on every course so far. I may not be fluent in their languages, but between myself and the engineers, we can always find something to work on. We have also had a mixture of beginners and experienced voice talents looking for a refresher, I’ve managed to adapt the course to suit all abilities and give them different tasks.

Listen to André’s voice here:

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So, that’s all the latest gossip from André.

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