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Recording a podcast

4 Ways recording a podcast will grow your business

Move over, email marketing. One of the most effective tools for successful business marketing these days is the podcast. Once a platform for niche hobbies and experimental comedy, podcasting is proven to support substantial business growth in return for relatively little output. In the UK, over six million adult listeners tune in to their favourite podcast every week, a figure which has doubled in the last five years. There is no better time to set yourself apart from your competitors with a creative podcast.

But how exactly does starting a podcast help you grow your business and achieve your goals? We dive into the effects your new podcast will have on your bottom line.

Grow your audience

If you’re already blogging or even vlogging but your efforts aren’t landing, recording a podcast could be the answer. Because most people engage with podcasts from their mobile device, they are a highly effective tool for reaching a wider audience. People listen on their commute, at the gym or even when walking the dog. Podcasts slot into busy lives, making it easier to earn your audience’s attention.

What’s more, unlike with Facebook, where algorithms and fate determine what content lands in front of your target audience, podcasts download directly to the devices of subscribers. The rate and review functions make it easy for your audience to find you, allowing your podcast to grow in popularity. Sharing your podcast across social media platforms and your website for effective podcast marketing ensures you’ll maximise the opportunity to cross-pollinate and grow your audience.

Connect to your customers

Having a huge audience for your business podcast is great, but the real goal here is customers. Making a podcast is an opportunity to educate your listener, share your expertise and add value to their lives. Listeners who feel they are receiving added value from your business are much more likely to become paying customers.

By popping up in your listeners’ lives once a week, they will get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you. In a recent survey, audioBoom found that almost 40% of podcast listeners had bought or tried something recommended by a podcast host.

Plus, you’ll be able to stay in touch with existing customers, encouraging brand loyalty. Incentivise listeners to visit your website by offering comprehensive show notes and free downloads to funnel potential clients and grow your email marketing list.

Networking opportunities

Creating a business podcast is a fantastic opportunity to build new and lasting relationships with people both in your field and beyond. Though you can’t imagine phoning a mentor and asking them for a 30 minute download on their life, goals and tips for success, if you invite that person onto your podcast, particularly at a time when they have something to promote, you’ll be having that exact conversation for the benefit of all your listeners.

In turn, you will receive invites to appear on other podcasts or blogs. This will give you the chance to do some podcast promotion and grow brand awareness, earning the recognition of new potential customers. Your podcast might even allow you to build a rapport with particularly important or influential figures who may become future clients. The joy of podcasting is that you never know what it may bring.


As your podcast attracts new listeners who become new clients, your podcast will begin to pay for itself. And that’s without taking into account the income you can earn by monetising your podcast.

Most podcast providers earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing. Once your listenership reaches a certain level, you will begin attracting the attention of brands and businesses who want to pay you to mention their product or service.

The most important aspect to consider when creating a podcast is that, like with your other marketing tools, it will be a representation of your brand. Using a professional podcast recording studio can ensure it sounds slick and professional which is essential to earn listeners, win their trust and attract a high calibre of guest. A professional recording service or podcast production company will take a load off when it comes to producing high-quality content that truly reflects your business values.

Matinée is perfectly placed to assist you in the recording of your podcast, get in touch with our experienced team for further information on our podcast recording services.

With podcast listenership growing year on year, the sky is the limit when it comes to reaping the rewards from this persuasive marketing tool.