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Russian accent voice-over recording services

As an established Voice-Over Agency and Subtitling Studios, Matinée has been providing Russian accent voice-over production services for over 25 years, from our base in Reading. We offer a selection of the very best Russian voice talent, at a price you can afford.

We can supply and record Russian accent voice-over artists, for documentary, advertising, corporate video, eLearning or telephone message prompts. Just send us the script and we'll record it wild, or to picture at no extra cost.  Then we'll deliver the audio back to you within a very short time frame, via FTP, and in any file format you require.

Check out our FAQs for more information about voice-over recordings in Russian accent. For the latest pricing, and to check the availability of our Russian accent voice-artists, contact us today on +44(0)118 958 4934, or email

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If you require a voice-over in Russian, rather than English in Russian accent, please follow this link


English Voiceover in Russian Accent for Nescafé

Nescafé Classic brings the unmistakable taste of coffee that we all know and love.  This video sets out to appeal to the younger audience in Russia, meeting the growing demand for more premium coffee brands in the Russian coffee market.

Aletvina-P was chosen as the voice artist for the production and reads it in English with a Russian accent. 

Origins of the Russian language and accent

English in Russian accent voiceover talent agency

Russia was occupied from around the 6th century AD by Slavic tribes who settled in and around the area westward to the river Elbe and southward towards the Adriatic Sea.

Three languages emerged from this time, which were Western, Southern and Eastern Slav. It was the Eastern Slavonic language that formed the basis for Ukrainian, Belorussian and Russian.

The alphabet used for the Russian language was called Cyrillic and it is based on the Greek alphabet, with other letters added on to represent the Russian sound.  The language was called Old Church Slavonic and it was improved and updated until around 1928 when the alphabet finally became as it is today. It contains loanwords from other countries such as Dutch, French, Latin and German.

As Russia ruled part of Finland during the 1800s, there are still some Finnish people who speak Russian. You will also hear it spoken in Estonia and Latvia. Russian is a popular second language for other Slavic language speakers, such as in Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

Russian dialects are split into three variants; North, South and Central, with Moscow in the central region and northern dialects being spoken along the area of the Volga river. Russian also has a number of derived languages including a slang language called Padonkaffsky Jargon, or Olbanian, which began as an internet language used by Russian internet users and a Pidgin language called Talmyr Pidgin Russian. It is spoken by people living in the Talmyr peninsular, in the far north of Russia.

Listen to Ivan on this You Tube clip. He is speaking English with a Russian accent and telling jokes!