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Tigrinya subtitling services

Matinée Multilingual offers an affordable Tigrinya subtitling service for your business video content. We've more than 25 years’ experience in delivering TRANSLATIONS, VOICE-OVERS, SUBTITLES & CAPTIONS in over 80 languages.

Our Tigrinya subtitling service level will delight you. All the work is done in-house, at our base in Reading, apart from translations which we subcontract to in-country linguistic experts. With Matinée you are buying our service quality and our expertise.

We guarantee to deliver the best, no nonsense Tigrinya subtitles service anywhere in the UK. Whatever the challenge, we guarantee to deliver and delight. Check out our FAQs for more information and costs.

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Tigrinyan voice-over for Familjecentrum

The Family Centre (Familjecentrum) in Sweden, required a Tigrinyan voice-over for their introductory video to help welcome immigrant families and their children. Familjecentrum is government funded, and offers parents and their children a place to talk to other parents and seek advice from councillors. It also gives them opportunities to make friends in the community.

In the UK it is quite difficult to find Tirginyan actors, so we recorded via ISDN with Mewael – a voice talent based in Africa. We then cleaned & edited the voice-over, and the client laid it back to the video themselves.


A short history of the Tigrinya language

English to Tigrinya subtitling service

The Tigrinya people account for approximately 505 of Eritrea’s population and they live in the fertile highlands of Eritrea and also in Ethiopia.

There are around 7 million Tigrinya speakers, mainly in Eritrea and Ethiopia in Africa. However, there are migrant communities which have settled in the Sudan, the United States, Germany, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is the fourth most spoken language in Ethiopia.

Tigrinya has different dialects, which differ in grammar and punctuation. The Tigrinya vocabulary has words from both English and Italian, as the two countries administered Tigrinya.

Written Tigrinya uses the Ge’ez script, which used to be the classical language of Ethiopia. Ge’ez is still used in modern Tigrinya and it has a great influence on religious texts, even though the Ge’ez language is now extinct. The earliest written text was found in the 13th century and consisted of a text of local laws.

When the British administration of Eritrea began in 1941 and lasted for nine years, a weekly newspaper was published in Tigrinya, which proved to be very popular. It sold hundreds of copies every week.


This video montage features a variety of subtitling projects we have completed in a number of languages.
It also shows four different ways in which the subtitles can be displayed on screen.