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Slovenian subtitling services

Matinée Multilingual offers an affordable Slovenian subtitling service for your business video content. We've more than 25 years’ experience in delivering TRANSLATIONS, VOICE-OVERS, SUBTITLES & CAPTIONS in over 80 languages.

Our Slovenian subtitling service level will delight you. All the work is done in-house, at our base in Reading, apart from translations which we subcontract to in-country linguistic experts. With Matinée you are buying our service quality and our expertise.

We guarantee to deliver the best, no nonsense Slovenian subtitles service anywhere in the UK. Whatever the challenge, we guarantee to deliver and delight. Check out our FAQs for more information and costs.

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Slovenian subtitling service for IMI “Away Day” video

IMI required a subtitling company to translate a message from IMI’s CEO Martin Lamb in 21 languages.

The provision of a Slovenian subtitling service was a priority and IMI’s translation vendor selected Matinée for our technical subtitling expertise and a flexible service which allowed them to stay in total control of the translations.

We time-coded the English audio and provided the translation vendor with a subtitling document and instructions for their Slovenian translators to follow. We then synced the and burnt-in the Slovenian subtitles to an h264 QuickTime .mov file. We also delivered Slovenian YouTube Caption files in .sbv format.

A short history of the Slovenian language

English to Slovenian subtitling service

Slovenian is a South Slavic language like Serbian. It is spoken by around 2.5 million people in Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia. People who speak the Kajkavian and the Cakavian dialects of Croatia can understand Slovenian and vice versa. It is the official language of Slovenia and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union.

The oldest script found in the Slovene language is a religious script dating back to around 972. This language was also used by the Austrian States, which eventually became Germanic. It was spoken by the lower classes in the Middle Ages, whilst German was spoken by the nobility. Although Slovene was used sometimes in the courts of Carinthia.

The first Slovenian poem was printed in Vienna in 1515 and standard Slovene emerged in the middle of the 16th century. Since Slovenia gained independence in 1991 the language has become an official one in Slovenia.

There are a good number of dialects in Slovenia and not all of them can be understood by each other, owing to the differences in grammar and pronunciation. There are around 9 or 10 main dialects, which are then sub-divided into around 50 other dialects.


This video montage features a variety of subtitling projects we have completed in a number of languages.
It also shows four different ways in which the subtitles can be displayed on screen.

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