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  • Affordable Hindi subtitling delivered with the minimum of fuss
  • We have over thirty years experience in the subtitles industry
  • Your Hindi subtitles burnt into your video or as an SRT file
  • Matinée deliver subtitles and closed captions in over 80 languages

You’ll find out why our clients come back to us again and again for their voice-over, subtitling and translation needs.


Subtitling Prices Start From Just £160

For a video up to 10 mins length:
SRT file delivered from your script: £160
Transcription: £60
Translation: £11-19 per video minute
Burn in of subtitles to video inc. low res approval: £45

Hindi Closed Captions Case Study

Hindi Closed Captions (subtitles) for Cape plc

As a leading subtitling (closed captions)company, Matinée were selected by Cape Plc to provide Hindi subtitling services for a series of 5 promo videos talking about the ‘integrity and values’ important to Cape Plc’s business.

The videos totalled just under 8 minutes, and the client selected style option 2 for the Hindi subtitles. We were also asked to move the subtitle layer when existing title & name captions appeared on-screen, so that the subtitles we created would obscure them.

Our process was as follows. First we transcribed the English audio and on-screen text. After approval, we produced the subtitling translations in Hindi, condensing the Hindi translation where necessary to fit in the screen safe area. Finally we synced and burnt-in the Hindi subtitles to MP4.

Subtitling and Closed Caption Testimonials

Matinée were very adaptable to any last minute changes we had

Matinée provided a fast, high quality service for our needs. In the games industry designs can alter rapidly heading towards release, and Matinée were very adaptable to any last minute changes we had.

Matt Simmonds – nDreams

Hindi Subtitling Production Made Simple

Closed caption services

A complete package of subtitling services, tailored to make the process stress free

  1. Transcription – we create a script we can work from, with timecodes added, to identify exactly where each subtitle appears in the video
  2. Translation – when required we can organise translation into your target languages. We take care here, as the translated text must be shortened to fit the available space on screen
  3. Subtitle creation – once the translations have been agreed, we’ll synchronise the on-screen text with the visual cues on screen. We can also translate and edit non-spoken titles and captions that appear on-screen if required.

Hindi Subtitling & Closed Captions – how can we help?

Your Dedicated Project Manager
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Hindi Language History
Voice over agency project manager

Your dedicated Project Manager has everything covered

One of our dedicated and experienced Project Managers will work with you to guide you through each step in the delivery of your Hindi subtitling project. They will review your source materials at the outset, to ensure we have everything that’s needed to provide a well-planned solution.

Your Project Manager will organise the translations as required, create a time-coded script for the subtitles engineer, schedule the studio time, and track the progress through production. In their capable hands, your subtitles project will be delivered within budget and on time.

We have some fabulous reviews which bear testimony to our friendly and professional voiceover recording and subtitling services.

Checking for subtitling quote

Send us a Quick Quote

Let us know your requirements and we’ll send you a cost for your project within 1 hour. Please try and give us as much information as possible. To provide an accurate quote, we would need to know the length of the video, along with the source and target languages. If you don’t have all of this information just yet, our friendly Account Management team will try to help as much as possible.

You will find our production quality second to none, and our service level to be top notch. We have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of subtitling and closed captions, and use the latest software to complete all subtitling tasks. We work on a variety of projects including TV advertising, corporate and educational videos, business presentations and e-learning.

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Hindi subtitling language history

Hindi is an Indo- Aryan language spoken by the people of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It has around 425 million speakers and it is an official language of India, along with the other 20 officially recognised languages. There are also another 120 million people who speak Indian as a second language.

Hindi can also be heard in places like Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago and Nepal. Urdu, a Pakistani language is closely related to Hindi and the languages are understood by both sets of speakers. The word Hindi in English means Land of the Indus River, it was named by the Persian speaking Turks who invaded parts of India in the 11th century.

There are many English words that come from Hindi, such as guru and yoga. You will also find English words used in Hindi, which include car, cricket and train, amongst others. The language has an informal and a formal vocabulary which is important for students of the language to learn.

The first Hindi writings were thought to have appeared in around 400 AD. However, the first Hindi book is considered to have been published in 1805 and it is about the religious figure, Lord Krishna. The book is called Prem Sagar.

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