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Windows Live Messenger video translation in 37 languages

In partnership with Microsoft’s translation agency – Lionbridge, Matinée were commissioned to localise a set of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2011 product demonstration videos, which were originally created in Adobe After Effects.

Using the translations and screenshots provided by Lionbridge, Matinée cast and recorded a native female voice artist in 37 languages, and then edited and re-timed the After Effects animations to match the length of the foreign voice tracks.

These videos are now viewed worldwide in over 55 international markets.


A short history of the Zulu language

Zulu voiceover talent agencyZulu (isiZulu) belongs to the Southeastern, or Nguni, sub-group of the Bantu branch of the Niger-Congo family of languages. Other Southeastern Bantu languages include Xhosa, Swazi (or Swati), Sotho, Tswana, Venda and Ndebele. Zulu is the second most widely spoken of all the Bantu languages, after Shona.

It is believed that the Zulus, like other Nguni people, have lived in South Africa since around the 9th century, having gradually migrated down the east coast of Africa. But the Nguni languages were not written down, and so their recorded history only dates back to the time of contact with European missionaries, in the 19th century.

The first Zulu grammar book, written by a Norwegian missionary, was published in Norway in 1850, while the first known document written in Zulu was a translation of the Bible in 1883. The first novel written in Zulu appeared in 1930 – Insila kaShaka, by John Dube.

Since the abolition of apartheid in 1994, Zulu has gained official recognition and increased in popularity. Read more


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So… you’ve been given a quote for voice-over, and it includes costs for cleaning and editing the audio.
But what does this mean? And why do you need the audio edited and cleaned? This video will explain all.

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Independent video producers talk about the reasons why they come to Matinée Multilingual.
It’s for the expertise of the staff, the range of services, and the superb customer service.