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Voice over rates, receive a Quick Quote within 1 hour

Voice-over rates card, voice talent costs & feesWe keep our Voice over agency rates and repeat fees at the lower end of the spectrum.  You will find many agencies charging considerably more than us.  There are other voice agencies based in Asia, who charge less than us, but the quality and range of service from these providers, will be nowhere near our level of service and backup. Let us prove it now, please fill in the voice over Quick Quote form opposite and we’ll respond within the hour.

You will find all the information you need here to get an idea on costs.  Perhaps you don’t know exactly what you need, maybe you haven’t bought these kind of services before.  No matter, please make contact to discuss your specific requirement, and we’ll give you a quote for the job straight away.
Tel: +44 (0)1189584934, email: project@matinee.co.uk or use the Quick Quote form opposite.

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English speaking voice-over rates & voice actor fees

Foreign voice-over rates cardTypically they will charge between £150 – £250 per hour. Prices vary depending on experience level and the type of project. Half day and full day rates can save considerably on a longer project, these are usually negotiated on a project rate. We’ll be delighted to haggle with the talent on your behalf, and deliver a really competitive voice-over quote for your project.

Foreign speaking voice-over rates

The range of prices is similar to English speaking voice artists (see above), but with some variation because of the country they come from.  All our foreign voice artists are native speaking. Typically they charge between £150 – 250 per hour.  You can usually double that for half a day (3 hours), and triple that for a full day (6 hours), but this does vary from one voice artist to another.

Studio recording costs

voice artists rates card, voice talent costs & feesWe have two voice recording studios, designed and built to BBC specification.  Both are equipped with Pro Tools, and all the usual kit you would expect to see in a top recording studio.
Cost is £60 per hour, and we’ll give a very competitive quote for a full day rate.

Post production

This is the time it takes to clean and edit the recordings by chopping them into separate sound files, and encoding to the format and resolution of your choice.  Costs £60 per 10 minutes of audio.

This video, created by one of our sound engineers, explains the work required to clean and edit a voice recording. This eliminates all unwanted noise at the beginning and end of each edited sound file: Click here to view the video

Audio Mixing
Recording and post production costs and rate card
To mix the recorded voice tracks with an existing music and effects track (M&E track) costs £60 per hour

Video Encoding
When a voice-over has been recorded to picture, you may want the sound track relaid to the original video.  There is a small charge for this of £30 per video file, but this may depend on the length of the video.

Script length and recording time used

In a one hour WILD recording session (not to picture) we can record 2,000 – 2,500 words of voice-over, which is around 15-20 minutes of audio.
Recording to picture, we can record 1,000 – 1,500 words of voice-over (10-12 minutes of audio) in a one hour recording session.
For other types of voice-over the word-count may be less, such as for commercials and lip-sync recordings.

Voice Artist usage fees

Now this is a real can of worms and varies greatly from artist to artist.  If you follow this link: Voice-Over Usage Fees Explained you will find a great deal of useful and in depth detail on the subject.

The problem is that some voice artists don’t charge usage fees at all, and some charge an additional 400% for anything that is broadcast, and that includes anything used on-line.

So it is always best to speak to us first and we’ll give you a quote for the project.  We’ll steer you in the direction of voice artists who take a reasonable and flexible view on this complex subject, rather than those who charge the standard London agency rate (usually 400%).

Linguistic Voice Direction

This is a voice director, attending the session.  This is not usually required because our sound engineers are very experienced at getting a really good performance form the voice artist.  For some projects where a specific performance is needed, then a voice director will charge around £75 per hour.

Script Translations into over 80 languages

Translation of your voice-over scripts into the language(s) of your choice will cost around £130 per 1,000 words.  This does vary slightly depending on the language. Proof-reading costs around £40 per 1,000 words.