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English voice-over agency

Matinée Multilingual have been setting the quality standards in the UK’s English voice-over industry for over 30 years. We won’t blind you with science, we’ll just provide you with straightforward solutions for your English voice-over talent needs.

And our range of services is impressive as well.  We can help with Video Transcription, Script Translation and Subtitles and Captions.  And all the work is done in-house, apart from translation and some foreign language voice recordings, for which we use in-country professionals only.

Our project management team offer outstanding service quality, and our talent management team will help you source exactly the right English voice for your needs, and at a price that won’t blow your budget.

Our production quality is second to none.  We have a three Pro-Tools Recording Studios and great understanding of how to get the very best perfomance from the selected talent.  We have extensive experience recording voices for advertising, IVR (telephone messages), E-learning, gaming, web video and home entertainment.

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Featured English voice-over professionals

Helen-C English Voice over Artist

Helen has worked as a professional voice artist since 2008.  She has a native English RP accent, having grown up in Devon, and can also perform Westcountry accent as native. Read more
Emma English Voiceover Artist

Emma is a professional actor and voiceover artist. She has experience in various fields, particularly in training, health, and education, and has provided voiceovers for large companies including AstraZeneca and Kelloggs. Read more
RJ English Voiceover Artist

 A voice actor of four years and 40+ audiobooks, RJ’s voice has been called a ‘well-weighted baritone, balanced & deep at the same time.’ Read more
Phillipe English Voice-Over Artist

Philippe is an English voice artist with a “mid-tone” English style.  He’s voiced everything from wacky characters for commercials; warm & deep voices for narrations. Read more

English voice-over production in just three easy steps

1.   download English voice artist samples using the drop-down menu below
2.   choose the English voice talent you like and click Add to your Quick Quote, or Download
3.   complete the Quick Quote and we’ll check availability and costs, with a response in just 1 hour


Case Study: English voice-over for SmartMover Range of 7 videos

[arve url=”http://youtu.be/WNXmuL-c3cg” align=”right” maxwidth=”250″/]

MasterMover’s range of electric tugs helps users to move very heavy loads, even on slopes up to 30 degrees. It’s certainly a ‘smart’ product range, and they needed a confident and convincing narrator to explain all the key features to customers.

As a leading English voice talent agency, we were asked to help. The customer made good use of our free voice casting service. Joe – a highly experienced English voice artist, was selected for the role.  He already lends credibility to some of the biggest corporate brands in the world.

We recorded Joe’s voice-over in sync to the video which made life easier for the production company. They were really pleased with our service and we have completed many more videos for them since.

Case Study: English voice-over artist – Alexia

[arve url=”http://youtu.be/Y7JhhuiAzeA” align=”right” maxwidth=”250″/]

Alexia is an English voice artist with a naturally smooth, velvety & friendly voice-over style. She can bring a wide variety of scripts to life; from an engaging professional corporate read; to a fun lively kids commercial.

Her natural accent is RP but she has an ear for accents and can effortlessly perform character voices from across the globe.

Alexia left school and studied Drama and Film at Queen Mary University London, along with acting, singing and dancing at Covent Garden’s Pineapple Studios. She caught the acting bug and went on to complete several courses of Character acting along with improvisation and monologue technique at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

Upon graduating, she was offered the chance to work with London Greek Radio, providing voice-overs for their commercials, jingles and station imaging.

With a passion to spread her voice-over wings further, she trained and recorded a professional voice-over show-reel and has now completed a variety of corporate, commercial, documentary and radio, for companies such as Bose, Spotify, Audible, and Ipulse.

English voice-over project manager

Meet Sally, your own dedicated English voice-over Project Manager

Working for Matinée Multilingual is an interesting and exciting experience. Every project is different, because the service we provide must be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

As a Project Manager with over 10 years of media industry experience, I am well equipped to advise and help clients achieve what they need.  My knowledge in audio and video production, subtitling and DVD authoring is extensive, which means my clients receive all the support they need during the production process.  I’m adaptable in my approach to all new projects, and I have access to a great team of engineers in-house, and a vast pool of linguistic talent from around the world.  This means I can always meet client expectations, and can offer a range of workable solutions to meet all budgets.