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FAQ – Video Production Services

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What video services do you offer?

We offer a complete range of video production and localization services.  We can send a camera crew out to record a talking head or interview, or maybe a new product launch.  We then offer all the services you need to edit that into something you can place on your website.

Most of our work involves re-version existing videos or presentations.  We can convert your presentation into a video and then add a soundtrack.  We can translate existing captions and add subtitles in over 80 languages.  All this from our studios based in Reading, Berkshire, UK.

What video editing software to you use?

We primarily edit in Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects, but we also have an AVID editing suite and many more programmes that we utilise as required.

What is involved in Video Translation or Video Localization?

So you have a video, in English, with voice-over and some captions.  To produce foreign language versions of this video, you will first need a transcript of the sound track.  This will need to be translated into the target languages. You will need to either re-voice the video, or add subtitles in your target languages.  You will also probably want to translate and replace the English captions.

To action this we would ideally need the source files from the original video. This is the project file used in creating the original video, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, AVID etc.

Without the source files, it is still possible to localise the video, but it will be more difficult, and the translated videos will not be of the same quality as the original.

How do you calculate video production and animation costs?


Storyboarding / Script writing £350

Video Shoot

1 day video shoot (or per day of multiple day shoot) on location

Storyboarding / Script writing £350

Camera, Camera Operator, lights* £350 – £550

Additional Camera’s £350

Sound Operator ** £200

Matinée Producer*** £250

External Producer^ £350 – £500

Make-up  £300

Autocue hire + Operator £500

Green Screen hire  £100

Lunches £12 per crew member                                

Travel costs / petrol  £0.60 per mile

Video Edit


Video Editor / Edit suite   £500 per day

Animation  £500 per day

Sound Mix / Edit  £50 per hour

Library Music    £100 per track, per video

Bespoke Music Composition £POA

Video Encoding £15 (per format)

Optional Extras

Voice-Over (1 Voice)   £350 (up to 10 minutes)

Translation  £110 – £150 per 1000 words ˘

Subtitling / Captioning  £8 – £17 per minute ˘


1x HVR (HDV) Sony camera
‘Green screen’ (sized for talking head + 1 camera, for head-and-shoulder framing)
Lighting for talking heads/interviews and tie mics.
The costs to hire additional equipment will be on a case-by-case basis (depending upon client objectives)


Matinée royalty-free library music £100 usage, per track, per project
If the music is to be used on several video segments, then a price will be given to cover the entire project. This price does not cover BROADCAST or any RESALE usage.

Bespoke music composition Price on application
Matinée has in-house music composers to create a unique track


* Cost of camera and operator is dependent on the filming requirements.  Expect to pay £350 for talking heads / static shots, and £550 for a more dynamic / creative shoot.

** Optional extra, but advisable when recording sound with more than two people, for broadcast quality, or when recording in motion.

*** Suitable for simple video project e.g. Talking Heads, Conferences, Presentations etc. where minimal creative is required.

^ Cost of an external producer is dependent on the subject matter and requirements.

˘ Cost is dependent on the language requirements, and whether a proof-read is required by a 2nd senior linguist.

Remember, if you need guidance on prices we’re just a quick phone call or email away