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Art of localisation

The Art of Localisation

As the world gets smaller and global markets more accessible, it has never been more important to understand the art of localisation and what it can mean for your business. Here, we dive into the key elements of any successfully localised content.

global marketing lessons

Top Brands Know Their Global Marketing

When you have a marketing campaign with an international audience in mind, it always pays to take lessons from the best global brands in the game. Time and again these brands show us how global marketing should be done (and sometimes how it shouldn’t) so listen up and take some notes.

localise your brand

To What Extent Should You Localise Your Brand?

One of the toughest questions in modern marketing is how far you should localise your brand when you take it overseas. Audiences are larger and more connected than ever, but they also have a wider access to your brand via a range of online and offline channels – so where do you draw the line?

“All your base are belong to us” – the art of game localisation

As the gaming industry has established its grip on an ever-growing global market, so the translation industry has found a niche in providing game localisation services. Game localisation essentially means the audiovisual translation of video games for different languages and cultures. It’s much more than just straight translation though – it’s about adapting the game …

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