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Just for fun

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again, and we’re in the mood for love. Well… we’re in the mood for some Valentine’s-inspired fun anyway, so why not join in? Find out how it all began, how Valentine’s Day is celebrated across Europe, and – if you really want to impress your loved one – how to …

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Useful Portuguese Phrases for Your Holiday

Next up in our mini blog series, Portuguese. The Basics Hello/Goodbye Bom dia/Adeus (Bomm dee-a/A-day-osh) Yes/No Sim/Nao (Seem/Now) Please/Thank you Por favor Obrigado (m) / Obrigada (f) (Poor fa-voor Oh-bree-gad-o[a])   Key Phrases 1. Where are the toilets? Onde esta banheiro? (On-day-shta ban-yer-o?) 2. How much is this? Quanto que é este(a)? (Quantoo ki eh esstee(a)?) 3. Where …

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