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English voice actors reading multiple characters

Voice actors reading multiple characters – Internet Latency*

The University of Oslo in Norway, created this excellent animation.  It gives an introduction into the greatest sources of Internet latency, and emphasises the difference between bandwidth and latency.

Three English character voice actors were required to voice the production, and the client chose Matinée Multilingual for their huge range of foreign voice actors and budget friendly pricing.

We put forward dozens of voice actors for consideration and the customer finally chose Nigel, Donna and Claire, all three are fine voice-over actors. Claire is one of our featured voices and we’ve been working with her for many years. They cast their magic and really helped to bring the animation to life.

After we recorded all the performances at our recording studios in Reading, we then edited the voiceover audio and sent it back to the client in mp3 format, to edit back into the animation.

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