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Urdu subtiltling for Cape plc

Urdu subtiltling for Cape plc.

As a leading subtitling company, Matinée were selected by Cape Plc to provide Urdu subtitling services for a series of 5 promo videos talking about the ‘integrity and values’ important to Cape Plc’s business.

The videos totalled just under 8 minutes, and the client selected style option 2 for the Urdu subtitles.  We were also asked to move the subtitle layer when title & name captions appeared on-screen so the subtitles obscure them (as you can see in this example).

Our process was as follows.  First we transcribed the English audio and on-screen text.  After approval, we produced the subtitling translations in Urdu, condensing the Urdu translation where necessary to fit in the screen safe area.  Finally we synced and burnt-in the Urdu subtitles to MP4.

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