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Spanish voice-over for Genuine Zebra Supplies

Spanish voice-over for Genuine Zebra Supplies

Zebra’s solutions generate the data intelligence that leads to better decision making through technologies like RFID, barcode printing, mobile computing, data capture, location and motion sensing, and more.

To get an international insight into genuine Zebra supplies they asked for us to provide translation and voice-over services in seven different languages. One of the requested languages was Spanish. Nadia, one of our expert voice-over translators, translated the script from English to Spanish. We then cast and recorded Xavier, an experienced Spanish male voice-over artist that we’ve been working with for over a decade.

As a voice-over agency we understand it’s important to get the right voice to tie in with your brand personality and to clearly get the message you want across to your audience. Xavier’s voice-over sounds confident and he uses his tone to explain clearly the science and technology behind Zebra’s solutions. This closely matched the English source they provided as reference.

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