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Slovenian Video Localization - MS Sizzle

Slovenian Video Localization – MS Office 365

As a global organisation, Microsoft required multi-lingual video translations in over 42 languages, for their popular Outlook promotional video. This project included the transcription and translation of all the on-screen text, captions and graphics into Slovenian.

The Slovenian subtitles were created by one of our most reliable subtitlers, Petra. As recommended for advertising projects, it was then reviewed by a second subtitler to ensure all the translations were fit for purpose, and suitable to be viewed by millions. Using Slovenian text enabled Microsoft to expand their audience without language restrictions, and in turn the Slovenian market were more engaged and open to using Outlook’s facilities.

We imported the translated captions into the video corresponding with the original English text format. We then adjusted the animations to cater for the size and font of each caption, which were different for each language. Lastly, we encoded the final Slovenian video translation as MP4, which was then published on-line.

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